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HSS Medical Staff

Please find below a directory of our physicians listed by department. If you wish to search for a physician by specialty and/or location, go to our Find a Doctor search form. If you would like help finding the right doctor for you, contact our Physician Referral Service at 877.606.1555.

Honorary Staff

Stephen W. Burke, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Lawrence J. Kagen, MD - Medicine
David B. Levine, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Peter Tsairis, MD - Neurology
Andrew J. Weiland - Orthopedic Surgery

Medical Staff

Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director

Bryan T. Kelly, MD

Associate Surgeon-in-Chief and Deputy Medical Director

Douglas E. Padgett, MD

Surgeons-in-Chief Emeriti

Todd J. Albert, MD
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Russell F. Warren, MD
Andrew J. Weiland, MD

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgeons Emeriti

Stanley E. Asnis, MD
Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD
Walther H. Bohne, MD
Stephen W. Burke, MD
Edward V. Craig, MD, MPH
Michael J. Errico, MD

Lewis B. Lane, MD
David B. Levine, MD
Peter J. Marchisello, MD
Richard R. McCormack, Jr., MD
Chitranjan S. Ranawat, MD
Andrew J. Weiland, MD

Attending Orthopedic Surgeons
Associate Attending Orthopedic Surgeons
Assistant Attending Orthopedic Surgeons
Ambulatory Care Center
Assistant Attending Physiatrist

David Hyams, MD

Associate Attending Surgeons

Gary A. Fantini, MD (Vascular Surgery)
Lloyd B. Gayle, MD (Plastic Surgery)

Assistant Attending Surgeons

Kenneth O. Rothaus, MD (Plastic Surgery)

Consulting Staff

Asheesh Bedi, MD (Hip Preservation)
Harvey Strauss, DPM (Podiatry)

Department of Medicine

Physician-in-Chief and Director

S. Louis Bridges, MD, PhD

Physicians-in-Chief Emeriti

Mary K. Crow, MD
Stephen A. Paget, MD

Physicians Emeriti

Harry Bienenstock, MD
Lawrence J. Kagen, MD
Bento R. Mascarenhas, MD
Irwin Nydick, MD
Martin Nydick, MD
Ernest Schwartz, MD
James P. Smith, MD
Mary Beth Walsh, MD

Attending Physicians
Associate Attending Physicians

C. Ronald MacKenzie, MD
Andy O. Miller, MD (Infectious Disease)
Linda A. Russell, MD
Sergio Schwartzman, MD
Emily M. Stein, MD (Endocrinology)

Assistant Attending Physicians

Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH (Rheumatology)
Caroline A. Andrew, MD
Dalit Ashany, MD (Rheumatology)
Medha Barbhaiya, MD (Rheumatology)
Jennifer M. Berger, MD
Matthew L. Buchalter, MD
Trang M. Bui, MD
Natalie Burg, MD (Rheumatology)
James J. Calloway, MD (Perioperative)
Karmela K. Chan, MD (Rheumatology)
Helen H. Chung, MD
Gina DelGiudice, MD
Obinna D. Eneanya, MD
David R. Fernandez, MD (Rheumatology)
Veronica Garcia Fusco, MD (Perioperative)
Nilasha Ghosh, MD, MS (Rheumatology)
Jacobo Futran, MD
Katherine N. Haseltine, MD (Endocrinology)
Michael W. Henry, MD (Infectious Disease)
Miriam B. Hoffman, MD (Perioperative)
Wesley Hollomon, MD
Michael I. Jacobs, MD (Dermatology)
Abdulkader Kasabji, MD
Mary J. Kollakuzhiyil, MD
Lindsay S. Lally, MD (Rheumatology)
Geeta G. Laud, MD
Lawrence F. Levin, MD (Chief, Cardiovascular)

Alana B. Levine, MD (Rheumatology)
Sarah B. Lieber, MD, MS (Rheumatology)
Lisa A. Mandl, MD (Rheumatology)
Bella Mehta, MBBS, MS (Rheumatology)
Charis F. Meng, MD (Rheumatology)
Iris Y. Navarro-Millan, MD (Rheumatology)
Mitchell C. Nelson, MD
Dana E. Orange, MD
Nancy Pan, MD (Pediatrics)
Edward J. Parrish, MD (Rheumatology)
Elizabeth Schulman, MD (Rheumatology)
Kimberly Showalter, MD (Rheumatology)
Mili Shum, MD
Alana E. Sigmund, MD (Perioperative)
Jessica R. Starr, M.D (Endocrinology)
Sarah F. Taber, MD (Pediatric Rheumatology)
Ariel D. Teitel, MD
Dee Dee Wu, MD (Rheumatology)
Arthur M. Yee, MD, PhD (Rheumatology)
Christine M. Yu, MD
Florence Yu, MD
Weijia Yuan, MD (Rheumatology)
Jennie Yu, MD (Perioperative)

Physicians to Ambulatory Care Center

Alana C. Serota, MD

Consulting Staff
Michael S. Farber, MD
Thomas M. Novella, DPM
(Podiatric Medicine, Performing Arts Medicine (Dance))

Clinical Psychology



Lisa S. Ipp, MD

Attending Pediatrician

Lisa S. Ipp, MD
Karen Brandt Onel (Chief, Pediatric Rheumatology)

Associate Attending Pediatricians

Alexa B. Adams, MD
Jessica G. Davis, MD (Genetics)
Jordan D. Metzl (Primary Sports Medicine)

Assistant Attending Pediatricians

Susan B. Bostwick, MD
Hyun Susan Cha, MD
Mary F. DiMaio, MD
Nancy Pan, MD
Stephanie L. Perlman, MD
Melanie C. Prior, MD

Primary Sports Medicine



John W. Barnhill, MD

Attending Psychiatrist

John W. Barnhill, MD

Assistant Attending Psychiatrist

Ruth Cohen, MD

Consulting Psychiatrist

Allan M. Lans, DO

Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management

Anesthesiologist-in-Chief and Director

Gregory A. Liguori, MD

Anesthesiologist-in-Chief Emeritus

Nigel E. Sharrock, MB, ChB

Attending Anesthesiologists

Gregory A. Liguori, MD
Spencer S. Liu, MD
Stavros G. Memtsoudis, MD, PhD

Associate Attending Anesthesiologists

Michael K. Urban, MD, PhD (Medical Director, PACU; Director, Respiratory Services)
William F. Urmey, MD
Jacques T. YaDeau, MD, PhD
Victor M. Zayas, MD

Assistant Attending Anesthesiologists
Assistant Attending Physician (Non-Interventional Pain Medicine)

Christine J. Peterson, MD

Assistant Attending Neurologist (Pain Management)

Vladimir N. Kramskiy, MD

Department of Neurology

Neurologist-in-Chief and Director

Dale J. Lange, MD

Neurologist Emeritus

Peter Tsairis, MD

Attending Neurologists

Ronald G. Emerson, MD
Dale J. Lange, MD
Dexter Y. Sun, MD, PhD

Associate Attending Neurologist

Martin Goldstein, MD

Assistant Attending Neurologists

Bridget T. Carey, MD
Vladimir Kramskiy, MD
Dora K. Leung, MD
Erin E. Manning, MD
Pantelis P. Pavlakis, MD, PhD
Brion D. Reichler, MD
Teena Shetty, MD
Alexander Shtilbans, MD, PhD

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pathologist-in-Chief and Director

Thomas W. Bauer, MD

Attending Pathologists

Edward F. DiCarlo, MD
Michael J. Klein, MD

Associate Attending Pathologist

Scott Avecilla, MD, PhD
Roberto A. Garcia, MD
Yaxia Zhang, MD, PhD

Assistant Attending Pathologists

Daniel C. Ramirez, MD

Department of Physiatry

Department of Radiology and Imaging


Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Director and Chief

Michael M. Alexiades, MD