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Banner image of Dr. Rozbruch with a limb lengthening patient

Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service

We believe there is a solution to every skeletal problem.

The HSS Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service specializes in limb lengthening and deformity correction for adults and children. Our unique skill with a variety of bone reconstruction techniques enables us to sculpt bone and even create bone where there was none.We provide opportunities for individuals who previously had no treatment alternatives.

Comprehensive Care

A consultation at our Center involves a thorough examination, analysis and discussion before we provide a sophisticated diagnosis and course of treatment. Our synergetic relationship within HSS and other departments provides access to state-of-the-art orthopedic equipment and other bone health experts. From your first appointment to your recovery and rehabilitation, you can expect us to provide in-depth education, personalized recommendations and high-quality care.

Please see our areas of expertise, before and after photos and more information below:

Internal Bone Lengthening: Motorized PRECICE STRYDE Nail

This state-of-the-art treatment for leg length discrepancy gradually lengthens the femur, tibia, and humerus with a remote control device and is used when external fixation is not needed.

bowleg knock knee leg image

Knock Knee, Bowleg and Limb Malalignment

Pain in the hip, knee, and ankle can often be caused by bowlegs (varus deformity) or knock knees (valgus deformity). This often leads to pain, cosmetic deformity, and premature knee arthritis.

Foot and Ankle Deformity

Complex foot and ankle deformity may require gradual correction, treatment for infection and bone loss in the ankle, joint preservation with ankle distraction surgery, and metatarsal foot lengthening.

Bone Trauma: Nonunion and Malunion

Problems with bone healing, alignment, or infection can occur after trauma. Nonunion is when the bone does not heal properly and malunion is when the bone becomes deformed or shortens the limb.

Upper Extremity Lengthening and Deformity Correction

Advanced techniques can restore symmetry and function after infection, trauma, or benign tumors damage the shoulder growth plates and cause shortening and deformity of the humerus (upper arm).

Limb Lengthening for Kids and Teens

The growth potential in children sets them apart. We can reliably equalize limb length, correct deformities, and even increase stature in select conditions, while protecting the growth plates.

Bone Tumors and Lesions

We diagnose and treat benign and malignant bone tumors, including the reconstruction of missing bone (bone transport), limb lengthening and deformity correction.

Limb Salvage and Amputation Reconstruction Center

Limb Salvage and Amputation Reconstruction Center

Our Center provides bone transport to replace missing bone and osseointegration limb replacement for patients who have undergone amputation and have difficulty with socket prostheses.

Osseointegration Limb Replacement Center

Osseointegration Limb Replacement Center

The first to use osseointegration for transtibial amputations in the United States, we offer personalized solutions and the most cutting-edge techniques for those who have had or need lower or upper limb amputation.

For general questions, please contact a staff member of Dr. Rozbruch's or Dr. Fragomen's office.


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