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Primary Care Sports Medicine Service

Our Nonsurgical Approach to Sports Medicine

Most injuries do not require surgery.

The goal of the Primary Care Sports Medicine service is to help patients decrease their pain and improve function, so that they can safely get back to their activities. The physicians will assist the patients in determining the best treatment plan, and can refer the patients if surgery is indicated.

We take a comprehensive approach to our patients, focusing not only on the injury itself but also on the factors that may contribute to their recovery process. These factors are all considered when a treatment plan is formed.

Nonsurgical Treatment Options

The Primary Care Sports Medicine Service specializes in employing nonsurgical treatment methods for musculoskeletal issues. These include:

The Primary Care Sports Medicine Service includes a partnership with the Sports Medicine surgical team at HSS. This partnership illustrates the whole spectrum of treatment options that HSS has to offer, from nonsurgical treatment to surgery, as well as subsequent rehab and recovery.