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Save Your Heart: 18 Men’s Health Tips From Top Doctors

TODAY Health—November 10, 2014

Lots of guys are growing out their mustaches or facial hair to raise awareness for the effort, but there is so much more you can do to make "Movember" — or any month— a picture of wellness. We've got advice from some of the leading medical experts on how men can lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Testosterone hits a high around age 20 and declines 1 percent a year starting at age 40, said Dr. Jordan Metzl at Hospital for Special Surgery. Some men even describe a period of "male menopause" during steep drops, but there is great data that lifting heavy objects and weight training two to three times per week causes testosterone levels to rise, he added. The effect is natural — no drugs needed.

For back pain: Eighty percent of men will experience back pain in their lifetime, with or without apparent cause. It feels like resting is your best option, but it's actually the opposite. Prevent back pain with the right exercise: low resistance, high repetition exercises directed at the core and low back, Metzl noted.

To ease arthritis pain: The weight-bearing joints tend to wear down over the age of 60, but that can happen as early as in the 20s for some men, Metzl said. Besides age, risk factors include obesity and injury to the affected area. Use aerobic exercise to reduce weight and strengthening to decrease stress on the joints. 

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