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Exercise: It's what the doctor ordered

CNN—November 8, 2016

CNN reports that Weill Cornell Medical College offered a seminar to second-year medical students on November 4, 2016. The seminar, 'Prescribing the Medicine of Exercise' was co-directed by Jordan Metzl, MD, and Marci Goolsby, MD, both primary care sports medicine physicians at HSS.

The far-reaching effects of exercise work for almost every body system from the brain to the heart, said Dr. Metzl, who noted that exercise can also improve memory, concentration and mood while helping lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Further evidence suggests that exercise has positive effects for many cancer patients and helps control type 2 diabetes.

"Exercise is available to every single person, has zero side effects and works in some capacity for everybody who takes it," Dr. Metzl said. "And no drug fits that safety profile with that efficacy."

To read the full article and view the segment, visit CNN.com.


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