Squeeze in Quick Exercise Bursts in Your Busy Day

CBS This Morning—April 27, 2016

Jordan D. Metzl, MD, a primary care sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, appears on CBS This Morning to discuss short high-intensity workouts.

"Increasingly we think that short bursts of exercise are great supplements to longer exercises," said Dr. Metzl. "If people have 15-20 minutes, they can utilize that."

When asked how someone can differentiate between a moderate and intense workout, Dr. Metzl replied that, "The best way to think about it is if you can talk and exercise, like you're just walking, that's mild intensity. If you're having trouble talking but can huff and puff a little bit, that's moderate. If you can't talk because you're really breathing hard, than that's intense."

Watch the full segment at CBSNews.com.


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