Why Some Workouts Make You Feel Like Throwing Up

Shape.com—February 15, 2016

Alyssa Sparacino, an editor for Shape.com, reports on why some workouts may induce nausea regardless of if you are a novice or professional athlete. She speaks with Daphne A. Scott, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, on some of the causes, including medication, intensity level, dehydration and more.

Dr. Scott says that although high-intensity exercise can increase your chance of nausea due to the sheer fact that the harder you work, the more you ask of your body, nausea can occur at any intensity level.

"This is thought to be partly due to conditioning level," she says, but emotions and anxiety play a large role too. "If you're stressed or have excitement about a competition. If you're trying a new gym or new workout, the nervous excitement could cause an upset stomach."

To read the full article, visit Shape.com.


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