60-year-old is living proof: "Fitness has no age"

CBS News—May 10, 2016

CBS News follows a 60-year-old fitness instructor who says exercise has given her energy and sharpened her mind and memory.

CBS News talks to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, to learn about the medical science behind this.

"If you exercise more than four to five times a week you have much lower levels of circulating inflammation in your body. So pretty much every disease you can think of -- heart disease, diabetes, you name it -- is affected by chronic inflammation. And if you're exercising regularly that's lower," said Dr. Metzl.

"There is no drug that is as effective and really available to every single person as exercise. It works for everybody, young and old alike," he added.

To watch the segment and read the full article, please visit CBSNews.com.


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