Is This NYC's Most Dangerous Workout?

New York Post—March 15, 2016

New York Post's Raquel Laneri writes about the pros and cons of high-intensity interval-training (HIIT), like taking CrossFit classes. The article notes that while HIIT makes exercises, like running, easier and more productive, injuries are common while completing HIIT workouts like squats, burpees, jumping, and exercises with obstacle course components. With such injuries and the growing trend of HIIT workouts brings the question of whether these exercises are good for you.

According to the article, Jordan D. Metzl, MD, a primary care sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, "recommends doing what he calls a 'dynamic warm-up' to get muscles and joints moving: two minutes worth of 30-second sets of jumping jacks, squats and lunges."

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