5 Training Tips for First-Time 10k Runners

Huffington Post Healthy Living—October 1, 2014

The 10K-race distance is (unsurprisingly) one of the most popular. That's likely because 6.2 miles is not so far that it intimidates new runners, but it's far enough to qualify as a worthy goal -- whether you're a newbie or seasoned pro. If you relate more with the former, fear not. With the right training plan and mindset, you'll arrive at the starting line prepped, ready, and injury-free.

Cross Train
While running is one of the most efficient ways to torch cals, you should make room in your life for other activities, too. In particular, strength training is key to warding off common running injuries like shin splints and Runner's Knee. Work some of these strength-training moves for runners into your routine two times a week. Or, try this 15-minute workout designed by Dr. Jordan Metzl -- specifically with runner's needs in mind (think: lots of butt and core moves!). If you have time, hit a yoga class once or twice a week too. Just be wearing of over doing it -- listen to your body and back off at the first sign of an oncoming injury.

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