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How Much Exercise do you Really Need?

Sun Herald—October 15, 2015

Sun Herald's Emily Abbate reports that women who exercise for 30 minutes or more a week have had significantly lower body fat percentages than women who accumulate less per week, which can also vary depending on the amount and type of exercise completed. However, scientists have also discovered that, aside from weight, a person who has positive indicators of health including not suffering from insulin resistance, diabetes, low levels of good cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure, does not have a higher risk than metabolically healthy normal weight individuals.

According to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, "In general, the medical benefits of exercise, including lower blood pressure, lessened index of depression, and overall improved quality of life, kick in when someone exercises with moderate intensity for 30 minutes per day (150 minutes per week)." He also notes, "Although there is a push towards equating a skinny appearance with improved health, the true benefits of exercise are found with movement, not body phenotype. I'd rather someone be mild to moderately overweight and active than thin and inactive, it's a much healthier way to live and the science backs it up."

The full article appeared in the Sun Herald.


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