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HSS Research Institute

Precision Medicine

Making health care personal

In response to the great promise that precision medicine holds, HSS has created a Precision Medicine Laboratory that will enable the study of disease mechanisms, surgical outcomes, and responses to therapy in specific patient populations. The Laboratory catalyzes the formation of multidisciplinary teams of scientists, physicians, and orthopaedic surgeons, linking clinical research with exciting basic science research. HSS will use the precision medicine approach to pinpoint the most personalized treatment plan for the patient – ultimately allowing physicians to select the right treatment the first time and improving outcomes.

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Precision Medicine Laboratory
- Laura Donlin, PhD and Miguel Otero, PhD, Directors

Through the HSS Precision Medicine Laboratory, multidisciplinary clinician-scientist teams comprehensively study orthopedic and autoimmune disorders. Through integrative and cutting-edge approaches, we aim to discover the best treatment for each patient.