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Derfner Foundation Precision Medicine Laboratory

Taking Disease Treatment Personally

Precision medicine aims to more accurately treat medical conditions, developing tailored strategies based on a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms and individual patient variation.

Through the Derfner Foundation Precision Medicine Laboratory, multidisciplinary clinician-scientist teams comprehensively study orthopedic and autoimmune disorders. Through integrative and cutting-edge approaches, we aim to discover the best treatment for each patient.

The Laboratory integrates comprehensive clinical assessments and novel therapeutics with cellular and molecular analytics to better understand underlying musculoskeletal disease mechanisms and develop more tailored and effective therapies.

Multidisciplinary research teams are formed across clinical services including Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Pathology, Radiology and Infectious Disease and aligned with scientific laboratories specializing in molecular biology, immunology, biomechanics and bioinformatics.

Translational, disease-oriented projects include:

  • Defining imaging, kinematics and molecular correlates in joint replacement outcomes
  • Functional genomic classification of rheumatoid arthritis tissue
  • Detailing molecular factors in autologous osteoarthritis treatments

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Laura Donlin, PhD - Co-Director
Miguel Otero, PhD - Co-Director

Photo of the Precision Medicine Lab staff

From left to right: Cristina Rozo, PhD; Tania Pannellini, MD, PhD; Miguel Otero, PhD; Laura Donlin, PhD



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