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The need for effective support is paramount

Musculoskeletal health isn't just about fixing broken bones and aching joints. It's about feeling good mentally and physically. And for employers, there's a financial and critical need to address how we treat Musculoskeletal-related issues.

50% of adults over 18 years of age experience musculoskeletal-related issues.2

Top 3 leading causes of high-cost claims include musculoskeletal issues.3

1 of every 4 musculoskeletal dollars spent is wasted on poor and ineffective treatment.4

Proven Results

Your solution with HSS Perform

HSS Perform ensures the best coordinated and complete continuum of musculoskeletal care for your workplace population and their families.

Avoid Unnecessary Surgeries

HSS saves 32% of patients who come to us for a second opinion from unnecessary surgery.5

Increased Productivity

Employees gain an average of 3 days back in productivity due to fewer doctors' visits, PT appointments, and shorter length of hospital stays.6

Cost Efficiency

HSS is 8% less expensive over time than the national average.7

Proven Results

92% of HSS patients report improvement within 12 months after their treatment.8

Top Surgical Care

HSS is ranked #1 for lowest 90-day total cost of care in all of NYC for hip, knee and spine surgeries.9

Bringing 150 years of specialized care & clinical innovation to your organization

HSS is the world's leading health system focused on musculoskeletal health. By investing in world-class talent, data-driven innovations, and a specialized focus on musculoskeletal care, HSS has created the infrastructure to deliver the best prevention and treatment plan for every case.

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US #1 in Orthopedics
12 years in a row

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World #1 in Orthopedics

We're not another tech company trying healthcare

HSS has always been at the cutting-edge of its field. Not only is our team of highly specialized surgical and non-surgical clinicians treating the top athletes and most complex orthopedic cases in the world, but we're also busy developing the next innovation in musculoskeletal care. This clinically driven approach is the force behind the services, expertise and content offered through HSS Perform.

Customized Care

Employee benefits with HSS MoveBetter

HSS Perform gives your employees access to HSS MoveBetter, a virtual "one-stop-shop" for all of their musculoskeletal needs, including but not limited to actual treatment options.

HSS Health

Why choose HSS Health as your
partner in musculoskeletal health?

HSS Perform includes a dedicated team of employer specialists who will develop a musculoskeletal care approach that seamlessly fits within the needs of your organization and HR demands.

No Cost to You

Most Perform products are offered at no additional charge or are benefits that can likely be covered through your health plan.

Support, Your Way

Getting started with HSS Perform is simple and turn-key with our readily available assets.

Culture of Collaboration

Your HSS team is comprised of specialists to serve both your HR team and your employees and their families.

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