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Research Faculty

Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD,  Chief Scientific Officer

Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD, Director of Clinical Research

Arthritis and Tissue Degeneration Program

Autoimmunity and Inflammation Program

Musculoskeletal Integrity Program

       Affiliated Investigators:

  • Larry Bonnassar, PhD (Cornell Ithaca)
  • Eve Donnelly, PhD (Cornell Ithaca)
  • Stephen B. Doty, PhD (Emeritus)
  • Lara Estroff, PhD (Cornell Ithaca)
  • Christopher J. Hernandez, PhD(Case Western Reserve University)
  • Marjolein van der Meulen, PhD (Cornell Ithaca)

Orthopedic Soft Tissue Research Program

Affiliated Investigators:

  • Asheesh Bedi, MD (Adjunct)
  • C.-T. Christopher Chen, PhD (Adjunct, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
  • Jonathan Bourne, PhD (Adjunct, Serometrix LLC)


Clinical Research Programs:

Healthcare Research Institute

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab