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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab

When HSS surgeons require an in-depth view of a patient’s orthopedic condition, they call on the Department of Radiology and Imaging and the scientists in the MRI Research Lab. Our lab's focus is two fold: to perform novel MRI research to improve early and accurate diagnosis of orthopedic conditions and aid in surgical planning and long-term monitoring of patients. The program emphasizes a translational approach to rapidly implement prototype MRI pulse sequences for clinical use. 

The MRI Research Lab comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers, including board-certified radiologists, biomedical engineers, physicists, and veterinarians, and with expertise in MRI techniques to non-invasively assess derangements of cartilage, peripheral nerve, bone, fibrocartilage, and synovium. Our team has extensive experience in applying quantitative MRI techniques to characterize the extent of early tissue degeneration and integrity of tissue repair. The lab has also been instrumental in helping develop novel metal artifact reduction techniques to identify adverse tissue reactions following joint arthroplasty. 

The Coleman Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center at HSS comprises 20 high field strength units: 14 - 1.5T systems and 6 - 3T systems. The latest 3T systems have state-of-the-art gradient performance with gradient amplitudes up to 80mT/m and slew rates of 120-200 mT/m/s.


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