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HSS Notice of Nondiscrimination and Accessibility

Hospital for Special Surgery is committed to providing high quality care and skilled and compassionate service to our community. Consistent with this commitment, Hospital for Special Surgery complies with applicable federal, state, and local civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, ethnicity, religion, national origin, alienage or citizenship status, culture, language, age, disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, partnership or marital status, veteran or military status, or any other prohibited basis.

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Hospital for Special Surgery provides:

  • free aids and services to people with disabilities to communicate effectively with us, such as:
    • qualified sign language interpreters; and
    • written information in other formats, such as large print, audio, and accessible electronic formats.
  • free language services to people whose primary language is not English, such as:
    • qualified interpreters; and
    • information written in other languages.

If you need these services, contact Bella Elogoodin, Senior Director, languageservices@hss.edu, Tel.: 1.212.606.1760.

Accessible Technology

HSS is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and, in doing so, adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.

This website strives to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities. Conformance with these guidelines is ongoing and will help make the web more user-friendly for all people.

We welcome any comments, questions or feedback on our site. If you notice aspects of our site that are not working for you or your assistive technology, please let us know.

How Can We Help?

If you feel Hospital for Special Surgery has failed to provide these services or discriminated in another way, you can file a grievance with Reginald Odom, Senior Vice President, Hospital for Special Surgery, 535 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021; TTY 1.800.676.3777; fax 212.606.1961; odomr@hss.edu. You can file a grievance in person or by mail, fax, or email. If you need help filing a grievance, you may contact the office of Reginald Odom for assistance.

You also have the right to file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically at https://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/portal/lobby.jsf, or by mail or phone at: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW, Room 509F, HHH Building, Washington, DC 20201, 1.800.368.1019, 800.537.7697 (TDD).  Complaint forms are available at http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/office/file/index.html.


ATENCIÓN: Si usted habla español, le avisamos que tenemos servicios lingüísticos gratuitos a su disposición. Llame al: 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

注意:如果您講中文,可向您提供免費語言服務。致電 1-212-606-1760,TTY: 1-800-676-3777。

Внимание: Если Вы говорите по русски, примите к сведению, что Вы можете воспользоваться бесплатными услугами переводчика. Звоните по номеру: 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

ATANSYON: Si ou pale Kreyòl Ayisyen, gen sèvis asistans nan lang ki disponib pou ou gratis. Rele nan 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

알려드립니다: 귀하께서 한국어를 하시는 경우, 무료로 언어 도움 서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다. 1-212-606-1760 (TTY: 1-800-676-3777) 번으로 전화하십시오.

ATTENZIONE: se parli italiano sono disponibili servizi di assistenza linguistica gratuiti. Chiama il numero 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

אכטונג׃ אױב איר רעדט אידיש, זענען פאר אײך דא צו באקומען שפראך הילף סערװיסעס פרײ פון אפצאל. רופט 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

দৃষ্টি আকর্ষণ: যদি আপনি বাংলায় কথা বলেন, তাহলে আপনি বিনামূল্যে ভাষাগত সহায়তা পরিষেবা পেতে পারেন৷ ফোন করুন: 1-212-606-1760, TTY:  1-800-676-3777

UWAGA: Jeżeli mówi Pan/Pani po polsku, dostępne są dla Państwa bezpłatne usługi pomocy językowej. Proszę zadzwonić pod numer 1-212-606-1760, TTY:  1-800-676-3777.

ملاحظة: إذا كنت تتحدث اللغة العربية، فإننا نوفر لك خدمات مساعدة لغوية بالمجان. اتصل على
1-212-606-1760، هاتف نصي (TTY): 1-800-676-3777.

VEUILLEZ NOTER: Si vous parlez français, des services d’assistance linguistique gratuits, sont à votre disposition. Appelez le 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

توجہ فرمائیں: اگر آپ کی زبان اردو ہے تو آپ کے لیے زبان میں معاونت فراہم کرنے والی سروسز (لینگوئج اسسٹنس سروسز) بلامعاوضہ دستیاب ہیں کال کریں 1-212-606-1760 TTY: 1-800-676-3777۔

PAUNAWA: Kung nagsasalita ka ng Tagalog, may makukuha kang mga libreng serbisyo ng tulong sa wika. Tumawag sa 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Εάν μιλάτε ελληνικά, διατίθενται δωρεάν υπηρεσίες γλωσσικής βοήθειας για εσάς. Καλέστε το 1-212-606-1760. TTY: 1-800-676-3777.

VINI RE: Nëse flisni shqip, keni në dispozicion shërbime ndihme për gjuhën pa pagesë. Telefononi 1-212-606-1760, TTY: 1-800-676-3777.