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HSS Research Institute

Healthcare Research Institute Overview

Program Mission

The mission of the Healthcare Research Institute is to investigate rigorously the delivery of care to patients with musculoskeletal conditions with the goal of continually improving treatment outcomes.

Program Goals

Using innovative methodologies for data management and analysis, the patient-focused clinical research of the Healthcare Research Institute will:

  • Define value of musculoskeletal care
  • Quantify optimal care pathways
  • Compare treatments effectiveness
  • Evaluate the musculoskeletal care delivery system for inefficiencies
  • Transform standards of measurement of treatment effect

Research Programs

Five Research Programs currently define the Institute’s areas of research focus:

Quality Research Center
Directed by Steven Magid, MD, this program focuses on peri-operative safety.

Health Services
Directed by Stephen Lyman, PhD, this program focuses on the evaluation of care delivery from a systems perspective, especially access and quality of care in musculoskeletal health. A particular area of interest in this program is specialization, including whether specialization by physicians improves care and which procedures (if any) should be performed by specialists.

Directed by Cathy MacLean, MD, PhD, this program aims to determine the value of musculoskeletal care with an eye on combining the patient, physician, and hospital perspectives.

Health Disparities
Directed by Michael Parks, MD, this program is concerned with disparities in access and quality of care available to vulnerable patient populations including women, minorities, and the elderly.

Outcomes Measurement
Directed by Carol Mancuso, MD, this program focuses on the development of new patient outcome measurements and leveraging emerging technologies.