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Postbaccalaureate Training Program

The HSS Research Institute Post Baccalaureate (PostBac) Research Training Program is for individuals who recently have completed a bachelor’s degree and are interested in spending at least two (2) years conducting biomedical research while applying to graduate school. The goal of this program is to provide trainees an intensive research training experience with a deep understanding of scientific investigation, and to strengthen the skills needed for successful application to graduate or medical school.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the HSS Research Institute Post Baccalaureate Program is to inspire members to become independent, motivated, skilled scientists and excel in future endeavors by providing mentorship, academic resources, and networking opportunities.


  • Recent college graduate (Bachelor's degree), less than three years prior to start date of training program, or individuals with a Bachelor's or Master's degree looking for a career transition into the life sciences 
  • Intend on applying to graduate or medical school during term at HSS

Program Details

Each PostBac Researcher selects a mentor from the HSS Research Institute faculty with whom a research project will be defined. In addition to technical skills, PostBacs Researchers will learn skills such as data collection and analysis, and how to analyze and write scientific papers.

To further enhance training and preparation for graduate school, PostBac Researchers have the opportunity to participate in activities such as:

  • Seminars and journal clubs
  • Courses offered within a diverse research environment that includes Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University 
  • Career development events for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars
  • Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research, providing key concepts in "the practice of scientific investigation with integrity"
  • Internship Research Day where postbacs and postdocs share their research with the HSS Research Institute faculty and staff
  • Committed to training period of at least 2 years

For PostBac Researchers who spend two years in training, there will be an opportunity to travel to a scientific meeting in the second year and present the results of their research. 

Application Process

The program has no fixed start date. Applicants are reviewed year-round and are encouraged to apply at least 3 months prior to potential start at HSS. 

To apply:

PostBac Researchers are employees of the Hospital for Special Surgery and eligible for employment benefits.

Contact Us

Nicole Seate-Martin, MS
Director Research Institute
Operations and Faculty Planning (Basic Sciences)