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Giammaria Giuliani Immunohistology Laboratory

The HSS Research Institute Histopathology Service provides efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective histological and immunohistochemical services to the HSS research community to outside investigators. Our primary purpose is to facilitate the use of histological and immunohistochemical techniques as reliable research tools for the investigation of autoimmune, inflammatory and orthopedic diseases that fall under the mission and expertise of the Hospital for Special Surgery. 

The facility includes shared equipment that is available exclusively to trained HSS staff. Both HSS and outside investigators are welcome to request services. Work is done in a fee-for-service basis with a graded fee structure. Priority use and reduced fees are given to HSS affiliated investigators.


Co-Directors: Miguel Otero, PhD (OteroM@hss.edu) and Kyung-Hyun Park-Min, PhD (ParkminK@hss.edu)
Support Staff: Samantha Lessard, Sr. Research Technician (LessardS@hss.edu)  

Histopathology Service
HSS Research Institute
S building 2nd floor, room 201
535 East 70th street, 
New York, NY 10021
Email: HistopathologyService@HSS.EDU
Phone:  (212) 606-1454

  1. Fixation
  2. Decalcification (EDTA as a default)
  3. Processing and Embedding for paraffin
  4. Paraffin sectioning
  5. Routine Stains (including, but not only, H&E, Safranin-O, Massons Trichrome)
  6. Special Requests (please, discuss with the Core)

The Histopathology Service has a number of user-driven, shared equipment located on the 2nd floor of the HSS Research Institute:

  • Microtome-1 (room S-225)
  • Microtome-2 (room S-201)
  • Computer and microscope (room S-201)
  • Embedding station (room S-225)
  • Paraffin processor (room S-225)
  • Zeiss Axioscan 7 slide scanner (room S-223) [requires additional training and approval]
  • Osteomeasure (room S-223) [requires additional training and approval]
  • Zeiss Axio Observer Microscope (room S-223) [requires additional training and approval]

In order to access and use the shared equipment, please:

  • Make sure that you received training and are an approved user. Access to the shared equipment located in rooms # S-201, S-223 and S-225 is restricted to approved users. 
  • First-time users, please email to HistopathologyService@HSS.EDU to schedule an initial training and orientation. 
  • Review the attached Shared Histopathology Resources Guidelines prior to using shared resources.
  • Access to a calendar to book equipment will be provided to approved users.

For immediate advice, help and oversight when using the equipment, please contact Samantha Lessard (LessardS@hss.edu). Please address any other questions, suggestions or feedback regarding the facility to HistopathologyService@HSS.EDU.

  1. Users will email a completed and signed Histopathology Project Request” form and a “Service Request” form (see below) to HistopathologyService@hss.edu. Please, include (1) contact information (user and PI / Lab Director), (2) financial information (valid cost center for HSS users or PO # for non-HSS users), (3) sample identifier, (4) information specifying how the samples have been handled and processed, and (5) services requested. 
  2. The Histopathology Service will review the request (including financial information) and will contact the user requesting additional information or processing details, if needed. 
  3. After the request is approved, the Histopathology Service will email the user to schedule a sample drop off time.
  4. Upon project completion, the user will receive an email notifying that the project is ready, and the samples are ready for pickup. Charges will be submitted upon completion of the work. 

Service Request Forms: (HSS users) (non-HSS Academic) (non-HSS corporate)

HSS (internal) users: a valid cost-center must be provided prior to the initiation of services. Services will not be provided without a valid cost center number.

External users: a valid method of payment (Purchase Order) must be provided prior to the initiation of services. 

(fee schedule for HSS, non-HSS academic, non-HSS corporate)

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