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Discoveries to Improve Lives


HSS Research Institute

Since its founding more than 150 years ago, Hospital for Special Surgery has been a leader in research aimed at improving the lives of patients suffering from debilitating orthopedic and rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, bone and soft tissue injuries, autoimmune diseases, and musculoskeletal pain and deformities.

Today, the HSS Research Institute, with over 300 dedicated personnel, is identifying mechanisms underlying these conditions, and developing effective approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. With a focus on tissue repair, improving surgical outcomes, autoimmunity and inflammation, genomics, new treatments, and precision medicine, the impact of our discoveries – many of which are only happening at HSS – determine future directions of musculoskeletal research to best improve clinical outcomes.

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We are embarking on a new era of research at HSS by expanding the scope of basic and clinical science and building multidisciplinary translational research teams.

Lionel Ivashkiv, MD
Chief Scientific Officer


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