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Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners

We facilitate great patient outcomes through innovation and best-practices.

When you join us as a nurse practitioner (NP)—an advanced practice nurse (APN)—your ideas and enthusiasm will ensure our medical and nursing practice, and our organization, is constantly growing and improving. You’ll work independently and in collaboration with HSS physicians and surgeons in one of a variety of specialties & subspecialties to analyze each step of the care and treatment process, and develop clear strategies that help our patients achieve optimal healing and recovery.

At HSS, NPs practice in adult reconstruction & joint replacement, anesthesia (PACU/OSCU/SDU), anticoagulation, cardiology, diabetic care, occupational health, pain management, pediatrics, post-operative care, radiology, wound care, and in private practice (physician/surgeon offices). No matter where you join us, you can take real pride in knowing you’re leading a team that’s providing high-quality, patient-focused care.

Photo of Patricia Donohue

Patricia Donohue
Nurse Practitioner, Department of Medicine
Joined HSS in 2007

I was attracted to HSS because of the opportunity to work with world-renowned physicians. The mentorship and collegiality of the orthopedic trauma team inspired me to initiate a research project -looking into patients who sustained fractures from minimal energy forces. Based on the compelling results of our research, I had the opportunity to lend my expertise in creating the Fracture Liaison Program and Metabolic Bone Service.

Working in collaboration with surgeons, rheumatologists, endocrinologists and staff members, I am an active partner in improving patient outcomes and enhancing quality of life. Beyond learning from experts in the field, I have been empowered to align with a world health initiative in serving an undertreated patient population. For a nurse practitioner - it doesn’t get any better.

Photo of Ruben Diaz

Ruben Diaz
Nursing Practitioner – Diabetes Care, Center for Advanced Practice Nursing
Joined HSS in 2013

When I was in training, I wanted to work at a Magnet institution. That recognition means the organization has a vested interest in their nurses and supports them to grow and progress in their careers. That’s exactly what I’ve experienced at HSS.

I specialize in diabetes, which means I work directly with high-risk patients and people with insulin pumps, performing assessments, developing a care plan and educating them on how to best manage their blood glucose levels in an orthopedic setting. There’s great respect for the expertise of nurse practitioners at HSS. My opinion is valued and I have real autonomy. I’m able to share my knowledge with others. I teach classes to nurses and other staff on diabetes care and mentor students from local universities.

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