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Rehabilitation and Performance

Rehabilitation and Performance

We help our patients reach their goals by achieving ours.

At HSS, we’re a proud leader in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders – a specialty that’s reflected in the expertise of our dedicated, talented rehabilitation team. We provide rehabilitative services across the continuum of care, from acute care and outpatient rehab to performance and wellness offerings. So whether you’re interested in practicing joint mobility, spine and hand therapy, motion analysis, integrative care or sports rehab, you’ll be part of a team that provides the valuable advice, rehabilitation plans and dedication our patients need to overcome their challenges.

Our therapy and performance services are centered in the New York area, although our network extends to New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida through our regional locations. At each location we have committed, innovative staff including multidisciplinary teams from massage therapists and exercise specialists to nutritionists and athletic trainers. Here, we help our patients get back to doing what they love by doing what we love – combining teamwork, passion and continuous learning to provide excellent care, every day.

Photo of Ibadete Thaqi

Ibadete Thaqi
Research Coordinator, Motion Analysis Lab
Joined HSS in 2013

My experience with HSS started very early when I came here for treatment as a child. The level of care and comfort always stuck with me and when I moved here from Kosovo as an adult I decided to make it my career. Many of my doctors and therapists are now my peers!

I’m involved in grant submissions, as well as data collection and analysis. I also help with recruiting subjects for studies. During my time here, I’ve learned a lot about how patient care links with the administrative and research perspectives. I’m now continuing my education by studying for an MBA in healthcare administration, with full support from HSS.

Photo of Cara Senicola

Cara Ann Senicola
Director, Rehabilitative Medicine
Joined HSS in 2007, Employee of the Year in 2016

I started at HSS as a student (in our sports physical therapy clinic). Today, I am the clinical supervisor at one of our offsite locations. My career at HSS is a great example of how employees are encouraged to develop their skill set and expand their role. I’ve been fortunate to have amazing mentors who always motivated me to stretch myself and take on new challenges. I now have the opportunity to share my experiences and help others grow, too. HSS is continuously evolving and likewise provides the tools and support to help their employees get to the next level – and that makes me proud to work here.

Explore some of the different roles in our Rehabilitation department.

Whether you specialize in physical, occupational or speech therapy, as part of the HSS rehabilitation team you’ll play a part in improving the quality of life for everyone that comes through our doors. Collaborating directly with physicians, you’ll provide world-class care for patients of all ages, at every stage of their unique journey. From evaluating conditions and determining goals to educating patients and their family members on treatment approaches, passion and communication are essential to achieving an optimal patient experience – and rehabilitation success.

Our advanced clinicians combine traditional and latest treatment approaches to help our patients get to what they need and love to do. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate and treat patients while leading and inspiring a team of world-class therapists.

As a mobility tech, you’ll work under the guidance of our talented team of skilled professionals, giving them essential support by providing vital patient care work. Here, we’ll trust you to take initiative, giving you the opportunity to identify and solve problems, communicate potential issues and suggest efficiencies that will help the Rehab Medicine department continuously improve.

Interested in joining our team?

Here are just a few of the many benefits you experience as a part of our Rehabilitation department at HSS:

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