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For over 150 years, HSS has been finding ways to prevent, diagnose and treat orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions. And we’re still making huge strides forward today. Our Research Division is not only expanding the scope of basic and clinical science, it’s also building multi-disciplinary translational research teams. More than 200 dedicated people are focusing on tissue repair, improving surgical outcomes, autoimmunity and inflammation, genomics, new treatments, and precision medicine. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a highly experienced professional, you’ll be part of a highly collaborative, growing team and be encouraged to show initiative. At HSS, we’ll enable you to do your best job as you participate in ground-breaking investigations that revolutionize healthcare at HSS, and around the world.

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Franck Barrat
Senior Scientist, Autoimmunity and Inflammation Program
Joined HSS in 2013

I previously worked in small bio-techs and large pharmaceutical companies. I wanted to get into academia and the working environment of HSS is part of what attracted me to the organization. Researchers and clinicians truly work side by side here. I can see the diseases I’m working on first-hand and have quick access to patient samples. It’s a small, collaborative team; everyone knows each other, so our interactions are seamless and easy. It’s rewarding to work with people who have the same passion and level of commitment that I do. Everyone is working towards the same goal - to better the lives of our patients.

Explore some of the different roles in our Research department.

When you join HSS as a clinical research assistant, you’ll play a vital role in the efficient collection of data for analysis. As part of the research team, you’ll help organize trials while making sure they are compliant with all regulatory, institutional, and departmental requirements. It’s an important role and your diligence and expertise will keep us operating at the highest level.

We recognize how important it is to coordinate the various elements of our research studies. As a clinical research coordinator, you’ll work on a variety of research-related activities, including the recruitment and evaluation of study patients. Acting as the main point of contact for principal investigators, you’ll consolidate processes, collect data for analysis, write research abstracts and provide essential support.

Working in our state-of-the-art facilities, our post-doctoral fellows have the opportunity to further develop their careers by participating in cutting-edge research in areas such as bone biology, tissue repair, autoimmunity and inflammation, genomics, and precision medicine. When you join HSS, you’ll have the opportunity to identify new biological approaches for effective therapies as well as develop new laboratory procedures, protocols and techniques. Whether you’re writing scientific papers, preparing grant proposals or analyzing experimental data, this is an integral role where you’ll be working with some of the brightest minds in the field.

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Here are just a few of the many benefits you experience as part of the Research department at HSS:

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