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Our pharmacy team works with patients – and other healthcare professionals – in nearly every area of the hospital, from the main pharmacy and regional locations to inpatient and critical care units. No matter where you are, you’ll be surrounded by motivated, talented colleagues all working towards one common goal: to help our patients get back to what they need and love to do. By ensuring optimal and safe medication therapy management, you’ll play an essential role in providing the best possible care to every patient who walks through our doors. Working in the HSS Pharmacy department requires a high level of responsibility and expertise, but offers a higher sense of professional pride and personal satisfaction.

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"There's a genuine open-door policy."

Mita Sharma
Pharmacist, Pharmacy
Joined HSS in 2015

I applied to HSS because of its reputation: I wanted to grow and learn. But what really impressed me during my interview was the level of appreciation and care the managers and staff showed each other. That continued throughout the hiring process, including advice on relocating from Philadelphia. Now I’m here, there’s no problem getting the professional support I need, even from upper levels of management.

HSS wants you to be a better all-around professional. That means everything from schedules that fit with your commitments to encouragement to gain certifications and take courses. They not only reimburse you, they also recommend resources and tools to help you progress.

Explore some of the different roles in our Pharmacy department.

Pharmaceutical care is a critical component of our patients’ overall wellbeing. Here, you’ll be responsible for reviewing prescriber orders and medication profiles, while collaborating with talented colleagues to make sure our patients remain safe and well cared for. You will handle everything from advising other healthcare professionals on medical information and patients on rational drug therapy to clarifying orders that require intervention by contacting prescribers. Our pharmacist counseling also ensures quality control for medication storage on nursing units and guarantees accurate medication orders. As a pharmacist on the HSS team, you’ll have the opportunity to harness your talents and achieve your ambitions – while working with some of the brightest professionals in the field.

Join HSS as a pharmacy technician and you’ll be an important member of the team that helps deliver the highest level of patient care possible. Here, you’ll support pharmacy services by stocking, assembling and distributing the medications our patients need. Our pharm techs are responsible for operating our state-of-the-art technology systems to manage medication distribution safely and efficiently. At HSS, you’ll be expected to work hard and push yourself to constantly excel – and by doing so, you’ll have a direct impact on the people we care for.

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Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll experience as a part of our Pharmacy department at HSS:

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