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Clinical Professionals

Clinical Professionals

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Our clinical professionals are committed to providing the high-quality care our patients expect – and deserve. Working directly with patients during every phase of care, from preliminary planning for hospitalization through to discharge and outpatient interventions, this group uses their passion and clinical expertise every day. As part of this team, you’ll help HSS develop and deliver the strategic, innovative approaches to healthcare that have made us the best orthopedic hospital in the world.  You’ll also make a genuine impact on each and every patient you serve.  And that’s something to be proud of.

Photo of Bernice Adams

Berenice Adams
Social Work Manager, Social Work Programs
Joined HSS in 2006

HSS provides amazing services. We are a world renowned organization who treats patients from all cultures and communities. Many patients have vulnerabilities beyond a bad hip. As a social worker, I’m here to work with patients and families, to broker relationships between them and the interdisciplinary patient care team, ensuring they are safe, comfortable, and well-informed.

There’s a culture of excellence here that’s palpable, from the clinicians and beyond... Working as part of the care-delivery team means I partner with top colleagues in the field, advocating for the best patient experience possible. Being a social worker at HSS isn’t just my day job - it’s my career and it’s who I am.

Photo of Noreen Curran

Noreen Curran
Case Manager, Case Management
Joined HSS in 1988

HSS has grown significantly since I started nearly 30 years ago, and so have I. From a bedside nurse to a nurse case manager, the skills and knowledge I’ve gained here are essential to my role in coordinating patient care. And not only do I have the opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives I’m able to make my mark on the future of HSS. It’s exciting to work for a world renowned hospital where your voice is heard. Leadership wants every one of us to feel connected to our mission and vision, and feel we have a say. We’re like a big family and I’m excited for the next 30 years.

Explore some of the different roles for Clinical Professionals at HSS.

Our Case Managers are registered nurses with expertise in discharge planning, case management and utilization review and management. Whether they are educating patients on their insurance benefits, informing them of what services they’re entitled to or providing available community resources, our case managers are here to help patients navigate through the complex healthcare system. Acting as a patient advocate, this team ensures each patient is appropriately and safely transitioned to the next level of care. They work collaboratively as part of the interdisciplinary team at HSS as well as with our post-acute providers.

Our social work professionals are committed to supporting, empowering, and enhancing the lives of patients with orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions, and their loved ones, through the continuum of care. Social workers assess and address psychosocial, educational, and practical needs, whether that’s helping a patient cope with a long-term illness, or facilitating a safe and appropriate discharge plan. This group is continuously looking for new and better ways of doing things. By participating in research, ongoing learning opportunities and national conference presentations, they raise the bar in clinical excellence. Here, you’ll have the resources you need to develop the knowledge consistent with providing the highest level of care to the diverse communities you’ll serve.

We’re committed to providing exceptional care in every aspect of the patient journey – and that includes what’s on our patients’ plates. At HSS, our nutritionists work within a multidisciplinary team to provide the care that our patients need. By identifying our patients’ specific nutritional needs while accommodating their dietary restrictions or requests, this group helps make sure each patient’s stay with us is both comfortable and safe.

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