Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants

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We’re the best. And we’re still getting better.

At HSS, our PAs are on the very forefront of medicine. From conducting physicals and assisting in surgeries to making essential care decisions, we trust this talented, passionate group of medical professionals to provide the exceptional care our patients expect. And as HSS continues to grow, so does our physician assistant team. Over the past ten years, this group has nearly quadrupled, which means you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in this field. Here, you’ll have a real impact on every patient you care for, as you’ll play a vital role in nearly every step of their HSS journey.

Photo of Johnny Tam

Johnny Tam
Physician Assistant, Physician Assistants-Floors
Joined HSS in 2005, Employee of the Month

I’ve worked at other hospitals, but HSS truly feels like home. You can tell that people are happy here and want to help each other. I love the fact that everyone is always willing to go the extra mile for patients. I joined HSS because of its world-class reputation, but I didn’t expect to feel so valued. The surgeons I work with respect my opinions, and there are ample opportunities for ongoing PA education. I’ve watched our department flourish, and once a PA starts, they stay. I’m happy to say I’ll be here until I retire.

Photo of Danielle Barone

Danielle Barone
Associate Director, Spine Service
Joined HSS in 2011

Being part of the National Ski Patrol jump-started my interest in orthopedics. During my studies at Cornell, I did an elective at HSS. They hired me as a new grad, and I’ve been here ever since. Not only is HSS a world-class hospital, it is an amazing environment in which to learn and grow. There’s a clear pathway to advancement and career progression. I’ve done the hard work and proved myself - for that I’ve been rewarded and recognized.

My biggest challenge? Juggling competing priorities and managing expectations of those who count on me every day; being successful at it gives me the greatest satisfaction. By learning how to facilitate change and collaborate within high-functioning teams that demand the best of me - I’m constantly growing - both as a PA and as a colleague who can be counted on.

Explore some of the different roles in our Physician Assistants department.


Our core PAs provide exceptional care to our patients before, during and after their surgery. From conducting pre-operative assessments and assisting in the operating room through to service-specific inpatient post-operative management, you’ll be a key member of our interdisciplinary team.


When you join HSS as a floor PA, you’ll help ensure every stage of the patient experience is a safe – and positive – one. From conducting pre-operative assessments to service-specific inpatient post-operative management, your enthusiasm and expertise will keep us operating at the highest level.


Working as an operative PA, you’ll be with our patients during one of the most critical parts of their journey: in the operating room. Serving as a first assistant in the OR, you’ll act as a second set of hands for our surgeons, helping to make sure each operation is successful. You’ll also provide critical care before and after surgery, from conducting pre-operative assessments to multi-service inpatient post-operative management.


We recognize that there’s always more room to grow. As an educator, you’ll collaborate with senior directors in our PA department, working together to drive our educational and professional development initiatives. Here, you’ll supervise processes ranging from staff onboarding, training and curriculum development to continuous learning, mentorship and our CME policies. You’ll also help ensure all our people are performing at the highest level possible by managing our FPPE and OPPE assessments.

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Here are just a few of the many benefits you'll experience as part of the Physician Assistants department at HSS:

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