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Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

We’re at the top of our game. And we want people to know.

Our marketing and communications team acts as the gatekeeper of our brand, sharing the HSS story with the world in an authentic, consistent way. Using innovative advertising techniques and patient-driven data, this department helps translate our business objectives into effective communications, keeping the public, our patients and their families educated on what’s current – and what’s next – for HSS. This team is also responsible for how we communicate within our business and plays a key role in driving internal communication initiatives that are vital to our shared success.

As a part of this team, you’ll have the opportunity to think outside the traditional marketing box and bring your strategic, innovative ideas to the table. So whether you’re transforming market research into inspiring ad campaigns or consulting colleagues on brand guidelines, you’ll work in an environment where you can reach your full potential.

Photo of Deirdre Vetere

Deirdre Vetere
Senior Director, Marketing
Joined HSS in 2015

When I left my marketing job at a major TV network, people couldn’t believe I was going into healthcare. But I wanted to do something more meaningful, and marketing at HSS is cutting-edge and smart. I’m getting the word out about the amazing research and teaching that happens here, as well as quality of care. I have personal experience of that, as my son had surgery here and I was so impressed with the service. This is an organization that’s at the top of its game and, for a marketing professional, that’s a great story to tell.

Explore some of the different roles in our Marketing and Communications department.

Our website is an essential resource, empowering us to communicate to our patients and their families, along with the medical and scientific community at large. Our web and content management team uses creativity and data-driven insight to establish a web presence that fits our reputation as a leading hospital. Conceptualizing, developing and producing high-quality content, this group drives essential digital communication initiatives, including everyday content creation and specialized projects.

HSS is the world’s best hospital for orthopedics and rheumatology and this team helps us uphold our reputation in the digital world. From managing and driving social media initiatives to developing content for press releases and newsletters, this team harnesses their creativity and passion for healthcare to create positive brand awareness.

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