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Creating a workplace culture for employees to thrive.

Our Human Resources department is in the business of people – our people. Handling every aspect of the employment lifecycle, this agile, innovative team is a true partner to our organization. By attracting and retaining the highest-skilled professionals who share our mission, vision and values, this department directly contributes to our culture of excellence and plays an essential role in supporting our position as a leader in our field.

Whether it’s leveraging technology to enhance the way we communicate with potential candidates, pursuing new initiatives to recognize individual contributions or helping foster our unique, family-oriented environment, Human Resources makes a real impact on the way we perform. At HSS, we know that by taking care of the people we work with, we can take better care of the patients we serve – and at the end of the day, that’s why we’re all here.

Photo of Norbert Velazquez

Norbert Velazquez
Supervisor HRIS, Human Resources
Joined HSS in 2011

When people think about healthcare they think of doctors and nurses, but it goes way beyond that. I’m responsible for employee data: everything from hires to transfers, salary changes to time off. I’m behind the scenes but my team helps take care of the staff that takes care of our patients.

It’s part of a wider culture where everyone looks out for each other. For example, I’m in my current role because my boss said: ‘Hey, there’s a position in HR that looks like the next step for you.’ She understood my background and my ambitions and even though losing me meant more work for her she still encouraged my growth.

Explore some of the different roles in our HR department.

Our employment professionals partner with hiring managers to define the strategic direction of our recruitment efforts, helping us attract top talent to our organization. Working on initiatives that include sourcing job candidates, coaching hiring managers, developing advertising plans, interviewing applicants, and onboarding a growing workforce, this passionate group drives the key aspects that define our recruitment agenda.

We support and respect everyone who walks through our doors – especially our employees. Acting as a liaison to our people across the organization, this team reviews and answers questions about our employee benefits plans. As gatekeepers of the benefits programs, they work both internally to ensure the flow of information, as well as with external vendors, serving as our experts in benefits administration.

Our professionals ensure that our compensation programs are fair, competitive and operate smoothly. From responding to employee requests to advising and interpreting compensation policies, this group ensures our benefit time and pay practices  reflect our reputation as the top orthopedic hospital in the world.

Our employee relations team operates across our hospital, working with nearly every team and department to address and handle employee matters. At HSS, we believe in accountability – not only at the individual level but as an organization, too. Handling vital internal processes such as troubleshooting inquiries, performance management, interpreting policies, and facilitating fair and equitable workplace practices, employee services helps us improve our employee journey and maintain an environment that’s built on professionalism, kindness and respect.

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