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At HSS, technology is the backbone of everything we do. From communicating between departments, to ordering a prescription, to making a note on a patient’s chart, we depend on our technology to stay efficient – and to keep our patients safe. Our technology systems and solutions are essential to our success, as are the talented IT professionals who build and maintain them. When you join the IT team at HSS, we’ll give you the comprehensive training, mentorship and resources you need to help us create a robust technical infrastructure. Because here, you won’t just be configuring the applications, testing software or developing a project strategy – you’ll be helping create a secure and remarkable experience for every patient we serve.

Photo of Bashir Agboola

Bashir Agboola
Chief Technology Officer / VP, Information Technology
Joined HSS in 2014

I joined HSS when it was on the brink of a major business and technology transformation. IT needed to expand its reach in order to meet the new demands that come with organizational growth and change. I saw the opportunity to do what I do best, and love to do – every day. I’m a techie at heart - but I also wanted a role where I could lead, coach, mentor, and influence others; I found all of that at HSS.

Today HSS has the latest, greatest technology, as well as enabling processes. But it is managing change that can be most challenging – that is why teamwork is so important, especially because IT directly impacts patient care and every department in the organization. We have a real connection with the staff at all levels – and the work they do.

Photo of Sandy Vien

Sandy Vien
Senior Clinical Analyst, Information Technology
Joined HSS in 2012, Employee of the Month

I was looking for a career change when a friend recommended a great opportunity at HSS. I landed a position as IT Project Coordinator, which served as my first step into the world of project management. My manager recognized my potential and helped me progress quickly to the next level. Working with top talent means you have the opportunity to learn and grow. Career paths are clearly defined, making the benchmarks for success obvious and attainable. Our leaders are great role models - they see and work to uncover talents in you that you don’t even know you have!

Explore some of the different roles in our IT department.

To provide the best patient care possible, we depend on the most advanced technology systems available. We recently implemented Epic, the leading EMR, in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings. And to accomplish it, our teams of talented and experienced IT professionals aren’t just sitting behind computer screens. They’re on the frontlines, working directly with medical professionals to build, test and maintain critical technology systems. Join our Epic team, and you won’t simply support software – you’ll help change the way we operate.

Our application analysts implement and manage the technology that keeps our hospital going. From designing and testing applications to working with users to optimize workflows, this role requires passion, dedication and expertise.

Our system engineers make sure our IT systems and procedures are safe and secure. Using your industry experience and expertise, you will work with a talented team to design and implement complex security systems, and provide essential support and troubleshooting services. Here, your projects will have significant impact – by helping us invest in greater technology solutions, you will help improve our offering and take our organization to the next level.

Our IT project managers bring all the pieces together. Serving as the IT lead and point of contact on specific technology projects, these professionals tackle unique and exciting challenges every day. From managing resources and resolving project issues to developing the strategies, project managers oversee the plans and tools that lead to successful IT implementation.

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