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Investing in the health of our organization.

A sound and successful infrastructure is not possible without the contributions of a strong finance team. At HSS, our philosophy is “leadership by all.” This means every member of the organization is responsible for our success; Finance is no exception. Our Finance professionals ensure compliance, oversee financial transactions, advise teams, and turn data into opportunities. From planning a major campus transformation to facilitating business functions, Finance contributes to an outstanding experience for patients, employees and other stakeholders. At every tier, you’ll have the opportunity to work with multidisciplinary teams, as well as subject matter experts who support our mission and help to guide the strategic plan. If you’re ready to combine your analytical skills with a view of the big picture, you’ll go far with us and the people we care for.

Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller
AVP, Patient Financial Services
Joined HSS in 2017

My team deals with patients’ financial inquiries and concerns, so we are often times their last touchpoint. Our philosophy, from the top down, is to work together to enhance the patient experience, no matter the request or circumstance. We strive to make every encounter a positive one as we build long-lasting relationships with our patients. Collaboration and teamwork are essential as we work towards a common goal. There is a feeling that everyone here is in it together, making this job that much more rewarding.

Photo of Ericka Jeffries-Davis

Ericka Jeffries-Davis
Director, Research Accounting
Joined HSS in 2006

Shortly after joining HSS, my knee condition escalated to where I was using two canes… through my participation in a robotic knee study, HSS helped me walk again. I can personally attest to the level of commitment and quality of work done here.

In my role as Director, Research Accounting I lead a team that manages the funds for research projects, enabling researchers to perform the groundbreaking work they do. Our work translates to larger grants and more breakthroughs. Seeing my team’s connection to our mission gives me immense satisfaction… but the best part of working here has to be the people. Everyone genuinely cares for one another and takes immense pride in their work.

Explore the different roles available in our Finance department.

We take revenue cycle processes just as seriously as patient health. Our professionals oversee all facets of the revenue cycle paradigm including patient access and registration, pre-certification and eligibility, patient financial services, customer service, billing, denials management as well as health information management which is comprised of clinical coding and medical record specialists. Revenue cycle is the bridge between our patients and their respective insurance carriers. The department is committed to ensuring complete and accurate reimbursement for services rendered while maintaining a seamless, high-quality, patient-centered experience that works in concert with our organization’s mission and goals.

A data-driven, collaborative approach is key to our continued achievement. Our accounting professionals harness insights from various sources, providing analysis and reporting so operations flow, budgets are created and monitored, and construction projects proceed. This team is continuously gathering the details that give us the whole picture.

Our financial planning professionals are the strategists behind the operations. From managing the annual budget process to working with key stakeholders to transform concepts into tangible business initiatives. Drivers of decision making and gatekeepers of compliance come together on this team.

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