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HSS Innovation Portfolio

The HSS Innovation Institute has partnered with industry, investors, and entrepreneurs to commercialize our portfolio of technologies. Below are some examples of executed partnerships:



In Market

Better PT

Care Delivery Technologies

BetterPT is a mobile on-demand patient-scheduling platform providing direct access to physical therapy. The HIPAA compliant end-to-end digital platform brings physical therapists to consumers wherever they are and can also facilitate insurance payments.

Through a co-development relationship with BetterPT, HSS contributes its know-how and expertise, its rehabilitation network as well as the certification credential for treatment providers around the country to insure top-notch personalized care.

BetterPT logo

DJO Surgical

Medical Devices

The Movation™ Total Knee Replacement is the decades-long clinically successful HSS PS knee design. For more information, visit djoglobal.com.

Optetrak Knee System - Exactech, Inc.

Medical Devices

Optetrak®, introduced in 1994 and based on technology licensed from the HSS patented 913 design, is a comprehensive knee system that includes cruciate retaining, posterior stabilized and constrained condylar options. Optetrak Logic®, introduced in 2009, continues the evolution of the Optetrak knee system, expanding the implant scope to include additional size and constraint options and updating the design to allow even greater range of motion.

Exactech logo

KineMatX Hemi Wrist - Extremity Medical, LLC

Medical Devices

Restoration of wrist function is a major unmet need within distal extremity surgery. The KinematX device, invented by Scott Wolfe, MD, a hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, and Joseph J. Crisco, PhD, of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital, is a first-of-its-kind implant, allowing for the resurfacing of the midcarpal joint in the wrist, the joint that enables the so‐called “dart thrower’s motion.” KinematX Midcarpal Hemiarthroplasty received a CE mark in Europe and is marketed in the UK, France, Spain, Australia and Switzerland.

Extremity Medical logo

TEMA Elbow System- LimaCorporate

Medical Devices

Total Elbow Modular Arthroplasty (TEMA) system for joint replacement with specialized instrumentation, including an ulnar guide.The system allows a surgeon to intraoperatively select a linked or unlinked constraint by utilizing a modular connection located on the body of the humeral and ulnar system. In addition, the device has different stem designs to accommodate cemented or cementless fixation.

Lima Corporate logo

BalanSys™ UNI- Mathys European Orthopedics

Medical Devices

When arthritis occurs on only a single condyle, a unicondylar knee replacement may be indicated. A unicondylar implant selectively resurfaces the affected compartment, while keeping the opposite/healthy compartment intact. Mobile-bearing technology allows an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene insert to articulate with both the femoral and tibial components. The mobile-bearing BalanSys™ UNI, developed in collaboration with HSS surgeons Russell Warren, MD, and Thomas Wickiewicz, MD, and Mathys Medical LTD, was designed to recreate normal kinematics of the knee joint while reducing stresses in the polyethylene insert.

Mathy's European Orthopaedics logo


Medical Devices

By combining design efforts with HSS and a group of distinguished orthopedic surgeons, the resulting system offers anatomic kinematics, minimized wear, constant radius, raised medial anterior lip, reproduce condylar geometry, and "ball-in-socket" mechanism.

MicroPort logo

Pedical Screw System - Ortho Development

Medical Devices

Internal fixation devices, such as pedicle screw systems, are implanted in the spine to enhance spinal fusion, which is intended to reduce back pain, increase stability or correct deformities. This pedicle screw system was designed by HSS engineers; HSS surgeons Federico Girardi, MD, and Andrew Sama, MD; and Ortho Development Corporation.

Ortho Development logo

Proteus Motion (formally Boston Biomotion)

Care Delivery Technologies

Proteus Motion, an New York-based sports and healthtech company, has developed the Proteus system, a new category of intelligent strength training and rehabilitation technology. The Proteus system, a cutting-edge patented hardware and analytics software, provides advanced data analytics including first-ever muscle performance data in 3D space and time.

Currently, Proteus is being used by teams in MLB, NHL and top NCAA athletic programs and has been featured by Forbes, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and Sports Illustrated, as well as at the coveted MIT Sports Analytics Conference.

Proteus logo

Scientific Analytics Inc. / DARI

Care Delivery Technologies

Scientific Analytics Inc. (SAI) integrates HSS knowledge with its proprietary markerless motion capture technology to provide consumers with more reliable and actionable information about their movement quality. The FDA-approved DARI system’s computer vision technology precisely measures human movement patterns at the point of care and creates a real-time motion analysis that generates clinical insights.

Benefiting from our know-how and validation beta testing, the DARI Motion platform will help set new standards in the availability of high-quality musculoskeletal wellness, performance, and injury prevention assessment and support.

DARI logo

In Pipeline


Care Delivery Technologies

ViiMed, a Washington DC-based healthcare technology company, has designed a comprehensive digital health solutions platform to enable providers to effectively manage, monitor, document and engage their patients.

Leveraging HSS assessment protocols, pathways, and management solutions, HSS is co-developing new capabilities with ViiMed to develop a comprehensive suite of digital solutions to address the unmet needs of consumers and scale the HSS knowledge and care models.

ViiMed logo

AGelity OCI (AGelity)

Medical Devices

Clinicians: Suzanne Maher, PhD,  Tony Chen, PhD,  Russell Warren, MD 

Agelity-OCI is a non-degradable implant that utilizes proprietary and patented hydrogel technology to withstand joint load, and to ensure rapid and robust integration after arthroscopic implantation. This implant is the first mechanical solution that also allows for peripheral cartilage integration, and as such will limit the need to be minimally weight bearing after surgery.

Legal Status:  Patents Issued: US9545310, US20120178836, US8557270

The technology is licensed to AGelity Biomechanics Corp.

AGelity logo

KineMatX Total Wrist - Extremity Medical, LLC

Medical Devices

Restoration of wrist function is a major unmet need within distal extremity surgery. The KinematX device, invented by Scott Wolfe, MD, a hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, and Joseph J. Crisco, PhD, of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital, is a first-of-its-kind implant, allowing for replacement of the midcarpal joint in the wrist, the joint that enables the so‐called “dart thrower’s" motion. This device has been cleared by FDA for clinical use in the US.

Extremity Medical logo

Physica Knee System Cementless Tibial Baseplate - LimaCorporate

Medical Devices

With the advent of 3D printing techniques and porous Titanium materials cementless implant fixation has become a successful option in joint replacement. The Physica System Cementless Tibial Baseplate leverages the discoveries of HSS Clinicians and Biomechanical Engineers and LimaCorporate’s Trabecular Titanium (TT) technology to create an optimized cementless fixation surface for the Physica tibial baseplate design. This device is currently pending FDA clearance for clinical use in the US.

Lima Corporate logo

Pediatric Hip System – Wishbone Medical

Medical Devices

Clinicians: Mark Figgie, MD; David Mayman, MD
Engineers: Ritvik Sarkar; Joseph Lipman, MS

HSS and Wishbone Medical (WBM) have partnered to leverage clinical, engineering, and operational expertise to create the industry's first hip replacement system specifically designed for the unique needs of pediatric patients. Utilizing the extensive retrievals database at HSS, computational modeling expertise and experience treating pediatric patients, this system will be designed to anticipate and address current and future clinical needs.

This technology is licensed to Wishbone Medical.


Life Sciences

Inventors: Carl Blobel, MD, PhD; Jane Salmon, MD

Based on their findings that iRhom2 represents a promising new target that offers superior protection from lupus and RA in animal models with few, if any, side effects, HSS senior scientists Dr. Carl Blobel and Dr. Jane Salmon are working to develop novel inhibitors of iRhom2.