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Creating a Knowledge Factory

Leaders Magazine—July 3, 2017

Leaders Magazine interviewed HSS chief innovation officer Leonard Achan, RN, MA, ANP about his role and area of focus at HSS. "At a very high level, my role is to put the infrastructure, people, and processes in place to get information and knowledge out into commercialized products that impact patients all over the world," he said.

In the interview, Mr. Achan noted that since its inception, HSS has been able to maintain focus on musculoskeletal health. "When it comes to innovation coming out of an organization that has been able to remain focused and build knowledge and intellectual property know-how, that ultimately is what we do," he said. "This allows us to improve lives and have the safety, patient satisfaction, and clinical scores that we do."

He said that through innovation, HSS can achieve its goal of providing patient care beyond the brick-and-mortar facility to people around the world, and that engaging physicians is an important piece for that effort.

"The reason that we have the number one position we do and the clinical outcomes that we do is because we have been able to recruit, train, and retain the talent here."

Read the full article at leadersmag.com. This article also appeared in the July, August, September 2017 print edition.


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