SanDance Technology, LLC Launches OrthoSecure Implant Verification System

Web-Based Platform Improves Quality and Is Expected To Save Millions

Business Wire—March 12, 2014

SanDance Technology, LLC, today announced the availability of OrthoSecureTM, the first web-based application service that improves the quality of joint replacement surgery, while also increasing hospital efficiency. OrthoSecure™ reads the barcodes on implant box labels and prominently displays a standardized, user-friendly e.Label™ on an operating room monitor; automatically verifies that each part is compatible based on the patient’s needs and the manufacturer’s most recent instructions; and checks that to ensure that each part has not expired or been recalled. OrthoSecure can also streamline other hospital processes by transmitting scanned implant information to electronic medical records and inventory control systems.

While hospitals continue to focus on quality control measures, the selection of an incorrect implant still occurs at an unacceptable rate. By automating the implant verification process, OrthoSecure virtually eliminates the possibility that human error will cause an improper device to be selected for implantation.

Prior to its full launch in October 2013 at a major Orthopedic Hospital, OrthoSecure™ was tested with six high-volume knee replacement surgeons over a seven-month period. The results indicated a decrease in wastage of 85% as compared to the control group.

“There is so much emphasis on two things in health care right now: reducing costs and improving quality,” said Steven Haas, M.D., M.P.H., Chief of the Knee Service at a top New York City hospital, and primary designer of OrthoSecure. “Most of the time, we think of those things as diametrically opposed, that we are going to decrease quality by saving money. OrthoSecure increases quality and reduces costs at the same time.”

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