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Lima Corporate Enters Into An Innovation Alliance Agreement with Hospital for Special Surgery

San Daniele del Friuli, Udine, Italy—March 2, 2016

Lima Corporate is pleased to announce that they have entered into an Innovation Alliance Agreement with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), a global leader of care delivery and innovation in orthopedics and rheumatology. "This alliance fosters the overall relationship between Lima Corporate and HSS and will focus on key areas from new product development to a discovery lab to cultivate innovation and new technologies geared to improving the lives of patients everywhere," said Leonard Achan, HSS – Chief Innovation Officer.

HSS and Lima are already active with a number of new product development projects. In particular, Lima and HSS have started to develop an innovative total elbow prosthesis which combines technology from an HSS patent together with Trabecular Titanium, a proprietary material produced by Lima. The two parties  are also collaborating on an advanced acetabular cup design, a project that includes basic research testing aimed to define an optimal implant design. Under this agreement, the areas of product development will continue to expand.

The discovery lab will permit both parties to engage in innovative research areas, new prostheses design as well as expanding to other joints based on the clinical need from the HSS surgeon experience, aimed to continue to develop innovative solutions in the field of Orthopedics. Lima Corporate has been one of the pioneers in orthopedics using 3D printing first for the production of standard products, then for patient specific solutions, which lead to the launch of ProMade, a dedicated division within Lima Corporate. The collaboration in this area will allow surgeons around the world who use ProMade to have their case review performed by the experts at HSS prior to finalizing the patient specific model.

"Innovation has been key to HSS excellence for more than a century, and we’re excited to further extend the reach and impact of HSS by leveraging our knowledge and clinical expertise with the capabilities of Lima," said Louis Shapiro, President and CEO of HSS. "This alliance is an important step for the future of HSS as we build upon our tradition of excellence and musculoskeletal specialization to create value-based and patient-centered healthcare solutions that include new products and services for a global market."

"HSS is a highly specialized institution that delivers world-renowned care, and I am honored that HSS has chosen Lima Corporate as a Strategic partner. Our R&D and Manufacturing capabilities will be available to HSS to help advance innovative solutions developed together. This is a first time partnership of this magnitude for Lima Corporate and will strive to progress treatments and techniques for patients around the world," said Luigi Ferrari, CEO of Lima Corporate.



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