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Resolution For 2017: Why We Must Accelerate Health Sciences Innovation

Huffington Post—January 6, 2017

Leonard Achan, RN, MA, ANP, chief innovation officer and senior vice president of innovation and business development at HSS, writes a bylined piece for Huffington Post regarding health sciences innovation in 2017.

He writes that "new capabilities in genomics, computer engineering and big data analysis are converging to open doors for scientists, placing them within reach of achieving breakthroughs in customizing diagnoses, therapies, medicines, and even replacement body parts that can improve health outcomes by making personalized medicine a true reality."

He also notes how medicine tends to be a risk-averse field. "Health care organizations need to adopt a bolder approach to exploration, similar to innovative, entrepreneurial technology companies, even large, established ones, where risk is embraced."

Read the full article at HuffingtonPost.com.


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