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Tech company connects patients with docs for second opinion

Modern Healthcare—February 20, 2016

Beth Kutscher from Modern Healthcare explains Grand Rounds' platform to help connect patients who want a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan with physicians who are experts in their conditions. Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) has partnered with Grand Rounds to make care more convenient for patients, especially through news digital health tools.

Justin Oppenheimer, assistant vice president of the HSS Innovation Center, notes that the Grand Rounds "platform really fits in with our brand. In today's world of healthcare, it's forever important to bring care as close as possible to the patient."

Similarly, Michael B. Cross, a hip and knee surgeon at HSS, told Modern Healthcare that through Grand Rounds individuals who want to receive care at HSS, but who cannot fly to New York, really benefit from this program. Dr. Cross also mentions that more than a third of the cases he reviews are recommended for a different treatment plan than the one originally provided to a patient and, as a result, about a quarter of patients ultimately transfer care to HSS.

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