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NYC Specialty Hospital First in Country to Use RateMyHospital® - A Convenient Mobile Resource for Patient Feedback

New York, NY—April 23, 2015

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) announced today that it is piloting a new resource that will amplify the hospital’s efforts to measure patient feedback in real-time through a smartphone-based tool called RateMyHospital®. HSS will be the first specialty hospital in the country to utilize this tool in order to improve upon patient experience and engagement.

"In support of our mission to provide the highest quality patient care, HSS is eager to leverage the ubiquity of mobile devices with the launch of RateMyHospital," said Mark Angelo, Vice President of Innovation and Business Development at HSS. "While HSS has maintained a strong leadership position in the delivery of specialized orthopedic and rheumatologic care, we are also enthusiastic about continuously working to elevate the patient experience. RateMyHospital helps us do just that."

"HSS is excited about digital health companies that focus on improving clinical outcomes, enhancing the patient experience, and lowering the cost of care," said Rick Eddy, Principal of the HSS Innovation Center. “The Innovation Center partners with startups through its accelerator function to co-develop, pilot and refine care delivery and digital health solutions at HSS that can then be scaled and implemented at other providers."

With RateMyHospital®, patients at the ambulatory care center will receive a text message thanking them for choosing this particular health care facility and asking the patient to complete a satisfaction survey using a five-star rating system to measure their experience during and after treatment. Patients have the ability to complete the questionnaire directly from their smartphone, making it easy and convenient to provide feedback to the health care provider who then, in turn, can address patient needs on a more immediate basis.

Watch how RateMyHospital® Works – Benefitting both Patients & Health Care Providers 

"Measuring real-time feedback gives our staff members and leaders the ability to address and resolve patient needs immediately. This ability helps us to ensure that we are delivering the highest level of service to our patients," said Chao Wu, Chief Patient Experience Officer. "We are proud to be the first specialty hospital to use RateMyHospital and this collaboration with Quality Reviews demonstrates our hospital’s commitment to fulfilling our top priority – meeting our patients’ needs."

Quality Reviews, Inc. developed this technology to meet the growing demand of patients to be heard and provide input into their experience. The text message the patient receives will have a link to a patient satisfaction survey, using the five-star rating methodology. To remove all of the cumbersome work of collecting and analyzing data, Quality Reviews created an executive dashboard that represents all feedback in real-time.

"We are honored to partner with Hospital for Special Surgery and we are confident that the real-time patient satisfaction data generated by RateMyHospital will give HSS the actionable information required to ensure only the best patient experience,” said Edward Shin, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Reviews. "Those patients receiving care at HSS now have the ability to offer feedback in a manner more suited to their current digital lives – by smartphones in real-time."

About Quality Reviews, Inc.

Quality Reviews, Inc. builds proprietary software to enable healthcare provider organizations capture, analyze and improve real-time patient feedback via its flagship product, RateMyHospital®. Based in New York City, Quality Reviews, Inc. was founded by leading physicians and entrepreneurs with over 30 years of clinical, healthcare administration, and technology-building experience. Learn more at http://www.ratemyhospital.com.



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