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Breakthroughs in Musculoskeletal Care are Focal Point for Leading Specialty Hospital

New York, NY—September 11, 2014

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the premier hospital for orthopedics and rheumatology in the nation, launched the HSS Innovation Center, a major initiative designed to identify and support the next generation of cutting-edge medical and scientific technology that will improve clinical outcomes, enhance the patient experience and lower the cost to deliver care in a meaningful way. The Center, which brings together the people, infrastructure and finances to support the acceleration and commercialization of early stage technologies, will work to bridge the gap between applied research and product development while adhering to the high quality standards of HSS.

"There is enormous opportunity right now to develop innovative solutions in healthcare that not only result in improved outcomes, but in lower costs and more patient-centered care,” said Robert Hotchkiss, MD, orthopedic surgeon, and Hospital for Special Surgery’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer. “With our expertise and singular focus in orthopedics and its related disciplines, we’re uniquely positioned to further develop breakthroughs in musculoskeletal medicine that can benefit patients around the world."

"Innovation is at the core of the HSS mission and by investing in new developments and discoveries we reaffirm our commitment to successful patient outcomes, research advancements and high quality specialized care,” said Louis A. Shapiro, President and CEO. “This initiative is crucially important to the future of not only our organization, but orthopedics on a global scale."

The HSS Innovation Center encompasses not only traditional biomedical science and technology products such as implants, medication and biomaterials, but also new care delivery innovations including process innovations, digital health solutions, wearable technology and telemedicine.

From the portfolio of innovations that include 12 different categories, two examples of technology that is being supported by the HSS Innovation Center include:

  • Hydrogel Technology: Physicians and scientists at HSS have developed a portfolio of novel hydrogel biomaterials that will restore damaged joint tissues, thereby preventing or slowing the onset of osteoarthritis. Initial products include an osteochondral implant and total meniscus repair solution that use solid, porous, and fiber embedded hydrogel scaffolds to fully restore the mechanics of the knee.
  • OrthosecureTM: SanDance Technology, LLC, has partnered with HSS in the creation of OrthoSecureTM, a web-based application service that helps reduce the occurrence of medical implant errors, reduce implant wastage, and streamline OR workflow, leading to better patient care and greater efficiency.

For investors and entrepreneurs, the HSS Innovation Center will offer opportunities to license HSS portfolio technologies, invest capital in HSS startup businesses, pilot products and services through the HSS Accelerator program and support the Center’s overall mission through corporate and philanthropic sponsorship of the fund.

For more information on The HSS Innovation Center, view the website: https://innovation.hss.edu/.



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