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MyHSS: Your personal connection to world class care

MyHSS makes it easy for you to stay connected with secure online access to your HSS healthcare information - anytime, anywhere - using a smartphone, personal computer or tablet. Through the MyHSS patient portal, you can view test results, request an appointment, complete pre-visit questionnaires, pay a bill, communicate with your healthcare team and much more.

To best meet your needs, choose from the following options:

While most HSS physicians are using MyHSS in their offices, our implementation is ongoing and your physician may not yet be participating. If this is the case, you may still sign up for MyHSS, but limited information will be available to you. For example, you will not be able to message or request an appointment with your physician's office through MyHSS.

HSS joins Apple Health

HSS now supports Health Records in the Apple Health app, which is available to patients with an iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later. You can access key parts of your health record from your iPhone.

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