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Visitor Information

The health and safety of our patients, visitors, and employees remains our top priority. HSS is taking precautions to ensure everyone's safety. These measures include visitor limitations and social distance guidelines, which are explained below. All visitor policies apply regardless of vaccination status.

Please note that we are encouraging all visitors to complete their required health screening using Health Pass by CLEAR before coming to an HSS facility. In several locations, you may be able to use Health Pass by CLEAR to make your screening process faster and more seamless. For more on how to complete this screening, please see our screening information.

Can someone come with me to my physician visit or other outpatient visit (i.e., radiology, physical therapy, presurgical screening, COVID-test visits)?

While we will allow one visitor per adult patient, we continue to encourage that companions join virtually, when possible, for the safety of our staff, patients, and visitors.Staff will assist patients if needed. Please also be aware that your visitor may be asked to wait in the waiting room due to social distancing requirements

Pediatric patients 21 years of age or younger may have one designated visitor.

What screening information will I need to complete before my visit?

All visitors to HSS are required to fill out a health screening before entering an HSS facility. Please see our screening information for details on how to complete this screening.

If I’m having surgery, can I have visitors?

Inpatient Locations

Two designated visitors may alternate visiting adult patients for a maximum of four total visitation hours daily, with only one visitor permitted in the room at a time. Visitors should remain at the bedside throughout the visit unless directed by the care team. Visiting hours are 2:00p – 8:00p daily.

One caregiver may accompany pediatric patients throughout their hospital stay. A second caregiver may be identified and visit within inpatient visiting hours 2:00p – 8:00p daily. Only one caregiver is permitted in the room at a time. 

  • If the caregiver is required to stay overnight, caregiver must provide one of the following: 1) proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (two weeks since completed dose series), 2) lab proof of COVID-19 in the last 10 - 90 days, or 3) a PCR(-) result in the last 5 days. If proof is not available, we will offer PCR testing onsite.

Inpatient & Ambulatory Surgery or Procedure
One visitor is permitted for adult patients starting at patient arrival through the intake process until the patient is ready to go to the operating room or procedure space. For Ambulatory surgery cases the visitor may then rejoin for the discharge process in the recovery area, for Inpatient surgery the visitor will join in the inpatient location as described above.

One caregiver may accompany pediatric patients throughout their hospital stay.

  • Note, if the pediatric patient is converted to inpatient and the caregiver must stay overnight, caregiver must comply with inpatient pediatric patient overnight requirements (see above).

Visitor Screening

Without exception, visitors who do not pass the screening process, including a temperature check, will not be permitted to enter the hospital. Visitors will be provided a mask to be worn at all times and be asked to perform hand hygiene.

HSS may suspend visitation at any time.

How is social distancing practiced at HSS?

“Social distancing” means keeping at least six feet of space between yourself and others.

At HSS. we have taken the following steps:

  • Adding markings on floors, in elevators and in other areas to show where to stand or move to maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • Removing or moving seats in waiting rooms and patient rooms to allow for social distancing wherever possible
  • Adding plastic screens at check-in desks as a barrier between patients/visitors and HSS staff
  • Requiring face masks for patients, visitors and staff at all times, even when more than six feet from others

Inpatient rooms have also been set up to allow social distancing between patients, and between visitors and patients.

We ask that you please follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Questions about your visit?

If you have nonmedical questions related to visiting HSS, communication with family and friends on the day of surgery or after, or anything else not addressed below, please call our patient and family resource line at 212.774.7547.

For more information about visiting as a patient: 

Please see What to Expect During Your HSS Visit.

Hospital rules and guidelines

The rules shown below apply in every patient room and recovery area. Please be mindful of other patients while visiting and always observe the rules listed in each area.

Image: Graphical icon of an adult with child
One visitor for patients having inpatient surgery.
Image: Graphical icon indicating limiting cell phone use
Please silence your phone and refrain from making calls.
Image: Graphical icon indicating no sleeping permitted.
Please no photos, videos or video calls to respect privacy.
Image: Graphical icon indicating no sleeping permitted.
Do not visit if you have been sick or unwell for the past 48 hours.
Image: Graphical icon showing medical staff
Do not assist patients out of bed. Contact a staff member for help.
Icon of person having cheerful, quiet conversation
Carry on cheerful conversations in quiet tones with all patients.


Contact Us

General Help Numbers:

  • Main Operator: 877.659.4525
  • 24-hour Patient Information: 212.606.1377
  • Family Resource Line: 212.774.7547
Patient & Family Atrium Phone Numbers:
  • 1st Floor: 646.797.8301
  • 4th Floor: 212.774.2201
  • 9th Floor: 212.774.2179
  • SPU (429 E 75th Street): 646.714.6768

Neighborhood Directory and Atria Guides

Please note that some information in these guides may have changed due to COVID.


Please view frequently asked questions about what to expect during your visit.

Below are common questions we receive from visitors on a daily basis. Our highly experienced staff is available to answer any questions or give further explanation of our services in person as well.

Is there a parking garage?
Yes. The HSS Belaire Building Garage is located at 525 East 71st Street, New York, NY 10021. Please refer to our neighborhood directory for the additional information on parking garages in the area.

Do you validate parking?
Even though we do not validate parking, the rate that is offered to our visitors and patient has been already discounted. Please refer to our neighborhood directory for the additional information on parking garages in the area.

Do you have a gift shop?
There is no gift shop at HSS. Pyramid Cafés (located in the 1st and 4th floors of the main building) offer newspapers, magazines, earphones, gum, snacks and refreshments for purchase.

Please refer to our neighborhood directory for pharmacies, convenience stores and flower shops in the area.

HSS branded clothing and accessories can be purchased online.

Can I take pictures of the hospital?
You can take pictures of the hospital as long as the picture does not include any people, names, numbers or any other kind of information that could be related to our patients, visitors and staff.

Is there coffee shop or cafeteria?
Yes. We have a few options for you:

  • Belaire Cafeteria is located in the Belaire Building at 525 E 71st Street. The cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Pyramid Cafés. Located in the Main Building at 535 E 70th Street. Cafes offer some snacks, sandwiches and refreshments for purchase.
  • 1st Floor. Main Hospital Lobby: Mon-Fri 6:00 am - 8:00 pm; Sat 7:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sun 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • 4th Floor. Family Atrium: Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Do you have an emergency room?
We do not have an emergency room, but HSS Urgent Ortho Care offers same-day or next-day evaluations and care for patients with sprains, strains and possible fractures.

Due to the safety of staff and recovering patients, no visitors are allowed in the PACU recovery areas.


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