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Visitor Policy and Information

The health and safety of our patients, visitors and employees remains our top priority. HSS is taking precautions to ensure everyone's safety. These measures include visitor limitations which are explained below. All visitor policies apply regardless of vaccination status. We ask that you please follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Visitor Policy

  • Visitors must be 18 years of age or older and pass a health and travel screen before each visit.
  • If a visitor does not pass the screening process or does not follow Hospital protocols, they will not be allowed to visit. In this case, a different visitor may be selected.
  • Visitors who recently tested positive for COVID, have been exposed to COVID, or have any new or worsening COVID-related symptoms will not be permitted to enter any HSS location. 
  • Visitors should display their hospital-issued security pass at all times while visiting.
  • Masking is optional for patients, visitors and staff, except in elevated risk situations or upon the request of a patient or staff member participating in a clinical interaction
  • If you believe a visitor exception should be made because the patient requires mobility, cognitive or mental health support, please contact your doctor's office or 212.774.7547 to request an exception.

Outpatient Locations and Physician Offices

  • Adult patients - One (1) visitor may accompany adult patients to an outpatient appointment or physician office visit. We continue to encourage companions join virtually and our staff can support patients in setting up this virtual connection (via FaceTime or Zoom) when needed.
  • Pediatric patients (21 years and younger) - Two (2) caregivers may accompany pediatric patients to their appointment.

Day of Surgery or Procedure

  • Adult patients - One (1) visitor is permitted from arrival until the patient's procedure, and then the visitor may wait in the surgical waiting room (no visitor switching). No visitation in the PACU (recovery room). The visitor may rejoin for the discharge process or visit in the inpatient location as described below.
  • Pediatric patients (21 years and younger) - Two (2) caregivers are permitted from arrival until the patient's procedure, and then they may wait in the surgical waiting room. Only one (1) caregiver is permitted in the PACU (recovery room).

Inpatient Locations

  • Adult patients – Visitation hours for adult inpatients are from 8:00am – 8:00pm daily with a maximum of two visitors at the bedside. Additional visitors may wait in the lobby and rotate during visiting hours.
    • Overnight visitors for adult patients are only allowed in private inpatient rooms. Only one overnight visitor is permitted and must remain the sole overnight visitor throughout the patient’s stay.
  • Pediatric patients (21 years and younger) - Two (2) caregivers are permitted to visit at the same time from the hours of 8:00am - 8:00pm daily.
    • Only one (1) caregiver is permitted to stay overnight and must remain the sole overnight caregiver throughout the patient's stay.

Questions about your visit?

If you have nonmedical questions related to visiting HSS, communication with family and friends on the day of surgery or afterwards, please call our patient and family resource line at 212.774.7547.

Hospital rules and guidelines

The rules shown below apply in every patient room and recovery area. Please be mindful of other patients while visiting and always observe the rules listed in each area.

Image: Graphical icon indicating limiting cell phone use
Please silence your phone and refrain from making calls.
Image: Graphical icon indicating no sleeping permitted.
Please no photos, videos or video calls to respect privacy.
Image: Graphical icon indicating no sleeping permitted.
Do not visit if you have been sick or unwell for the past 48 hours.
Image: Graphical icon showing medical staff
Do not assist patients out of bed. Contact a staff member for help.
Icon of person having cheerful, quiet conversation
Carry on cheerful conversations in quiet tones with all patients.



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