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Visiting Professionals, Students and Volunteers

As a teaching hospital and a world leader in musculoskeletal care, HSS is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and expertise.

We offer a wide variety of observerships and clinical rotations for visiting professionals, education and research programs for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students, and volunteering opportunities for people interested in learning more about what we do while giving back to their community. More information is also available at the HSS Education Institute.

Please be aware that academic and research visits, undergraduate college internships and hospital volunteer work were disrupted for many months due to the pandemic. Many are being reopened but may have modifiied formats and/or a long backlog of applicants.



Academic Visitor Program

The Academic Visitor Program coordinates observerships at HSS for clinicians, students and allied healthcare professionals. It is open to all persons inside or outside of the United States who:

  • are 18 years of age or older
  • can provide proof of current COVID-19 and influenza vaccination, including medical documents outlined in the health guidelines
  • who have found a confirmed HSS host and have a serious interest in musculoskeletal health

Interested parties must first independently contact and obtain an HSS host. To find an appropriate HSS host, search our physicians by name, conditions or treatments, or explore our department, service and center pages. To work with or observe a rehabilitation professional (physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist), please contact rehabreferral@hss.edu to find an appropriate host.

Visiting Clinicians
Licensed clinicians have direct and indirect patient contact as limited by the Delineation of Privileges and approved by the Medical Board.

Visiting Observers
Nonclinicians may view surgeries, patient histories, and physicals. They may also attend patient rounds and teaching conferences. Licensing laws in the United States prohibit visiting observers from providing patient care.

HSS Postdoctoral Programs

HSS Musculoskeletal Training Program
The Musculoskeletal Training Program provides trainees with the basic science education and research skills necessary for a successful career in academic orthopaedics. The program is an interface between basic research and clinical orthopaedics with emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to clinically relevant research problems.

HSS Research Institute Postdoctoral Program
The Research Postdoctoral Program provides training to ensure that postdoctoral fellows are well-prepared for their future independent research careers, whether in academia, industry or elsewhere. HSS postdoctoral fellows are exposed to a diverse research environment and benefit from the close relationship with Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University.

HSS Residency Programs

Nursing Residency Programs
Information about these programs can be found on our nursing Career Development and Training page. Please direct any questions you may have to nurseresidency@hss.edu.

Orthopaedic Residency Program
The Orthopaedic Residency Program offers residents the opportunity to gain a well-rounded surgical education and master the fundamentals of orthopaedic surgery by immersing them in clinical and research activities.

HSS Fellowship Programs

Please refer to the fellowships section of our website for more information on our available opportunities and how to apply for them.

Internships (Medical Students and Graduate Students)

Electives for Fourth-Year US Medical Students
Through its affiliation with Weill Cornell Medical College, HSS offers clinical electives in numerous musculoskeletal disciplines for students in their fourth year at an accredited medical school within the United States. (International students, see below.).

Electives for Fourth-Year International Medical Students
Through its affiliation with Weill Cornell Medical College, HSS offers clinical electives for students from outside the United States who are in their fourth year of medical school. Students may apply for an elective between the months of January and June. Please contact the office of Global Health Education at Weill Cornell Medical College for application information.

Graduate Social Work Internship
The Department of Social Work Programs has provided internships for Master’s level social work students for over 40 years. Currently, we serve as a field placement for students from Columbia University and New York University. Students are supervised by our experienced social workers and training is aligned with the educational goals of professional schools of social work. Learn more about our graduate social work internships.

Women's Sports Medicine Center Summer Internship Program
The Women’s Sports Medicine Center at HSS sponsors summer internships for students interested in the field of sports medicine with a special focus on active and athletic women. Three tracks are offered.

  1. Sports Medicine – open to students who completed their first year of medical school
  2. Sports Rehab/Nutrition/Performance – open to students who have completed their junior year of college
  3. Sports Medicine Pre-med - open to students who have completed their junior year of college. Curriculum should be compatible with the requirements for medical school acceptance.

Internships (Undergraduate College Students) and Volunteering

Please be aware that to be extra cautious with regard to the COVID-19 coronavirus, HSS will soon be reintroducing undergraduate college internships and hospital volunteer work with modifications. See Volunteering in New York City for more information.

Additional Medical Student Training and Clinical Rotation Information

Please visit this page for additional information.