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Lupus and APS Center of Excellence

Access to world-class, patient-centered medical care, research, support and education

The goal of the Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) Center of Excellence is to provide the highest quality of care to enhance our patients’ lives. Lupus and APS are autoimmune diseases that are highly variable from patient to patient and unpredictable over the course of any one patient’s life. We are here to help you manage your illness by providing individualized care and support to meet your specific needs.

Expertise in the most challenging areas

  • Complex cases - our rheumatologists and interdisciplinary team work closely with specialists in other medical disciplines including nephrology, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, hematology/oncology, and pain management.
  • Lupus nephritis - a serious and relatively common complication of SLE that requires an integrated approach and collaboration from multiple departments and specialties. View our Lupus Nephritis Program
  • Pregnancy - mothers with lupus are at a higher risk to develop complications. Specialized care, education and precautions can lead to a successful birth. View our Reproductive Health Program
  • APS - blood clots from APS can lead to life threatening complications like deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism, heart attacks and strokes. HSS is a leading center for APS research and treatment.
  • Unspecified disease - those who have too many symptoms, not enough symptoms, or abnormal blood tests with no symptoms can be left undiagnosed or untreated without help from an experienced rheumatologist.
  • Pediatric rheumatology - young children and teenagers affected by lupus and APS are treated by pediatric specialists until they reach the age where they can transition to adult care.

Lupus and APS Center videos

Director of the Center, Jane Salmon, MD discusses the Center's mission and goals in a quick one-minute video.

HSS Rheumatologist, Lisa Sammaritano, MD talks about reproductive health issues facing women with lupus.


Lupus Center Fast Track Appointment

Please call us at 877.SLE.CURE (877.753.2873) for help booking an appointment. For non-urgent requests or questions please email us.


Physicians and Staff

Our HSS lupus and APS specialists have decades of experience caring for patients, compassionately applying their knowledge to each individual under their care. They coordinate care with specialists in other fields to help manage a patient's whole health status. Combining research advances from HSS scientists and other researchers with deep clinical expertise enables us to provide a tailored, evidence-based approach. Our non-clinical staff provides programming, education and support, while the research coordinators enable patients to partner with us in the pursuit of better medical outcomes.


Image - Profile photo of Jane E. Salmon, MDJane E. Salmon, MD - Rheumatology
Image - Profile photo of Mary K. Crow, MDMary K. Crow, MD - Rheumatology
Image - Profile photo of Michael D. Lockshin, MDMichael D. Lockshin, MD - Rheumatology
Image - Profile photo of Joseph A. Markenson, MDJoseph A. Markenson, MD - Rheumatology, Internal Medicine

Research Scientists

Rheumatology Fellows

Yuyin (Allen) Chen, MD
Nilasha Ghosh, MD
Amit Lakhanpal, MD
Sebastian Sattui-Cortes, MD
Monica Schwartzman, MD
Caroline Siegel, MD
Melanie Smith, MD
Kevin Yip, MD
Linda Yue, MD
Diane Zisa, MD


Tricia Dougherty, Patient Care Director
Julius Bugante, RN
Deenolise Carrasco, LPN
Megan Gilbert, RN
Michelle Gomez, RN
Ann Marie Rakowicz, RN
Rhea Rey, RN
Julieta Reyes-Canu, RN
Nikki Sembrano, RN

Multispecialty Collaborating Physicians

Specialist physicians who are interested in participating in the Multispecialty Panel are welcome to contact the Lupus & APS Center to discuss the role and requirements. Patients contacting a physician for referral services are advised to verify that the physician participates with their health insurance prior to making an appointment.

Rebecca R. Ascunce, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.5558
Evelyn M. Horn, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.5555
Maria Karas, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.5555
Irina Sobol, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.5555
Hooman Yaghoobzadeh, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.861.3222
Joanna L. Harp, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.3376
Henry J. Lee, MD, PhD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.3376
Horatio F. Wildman, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.3376
Julie Zang, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.3376
Emily Margaret Stein, MD, MS
Hospital for Special Surgery
P: 212.606.1970
Aaron Lambroza, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.517.7570
Brian Landzberg, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.737.5000
Gil Weitzman, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.249.3720
General Surgery:
Faith A. Menken, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.439.9547
Pinkal Desai, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
P: 646.962.2700
Raymond D. Pastore, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Blood Disorders
P: 646.962.2065
Infectious Disease:
Andy O. Miller, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
P: 212.774.2317
Michael W. Henry, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
P: 212.774.7113
Michael J. Satlin, MD, MS
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.8747
Maternal-Fetal Medicine:
Robin B. Kalish, MD, FACOG
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.746.3146
Inna V. Landres, MD, FACOG
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.746.3064
Shai M. Pri-Paz, MD, FACOG
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.746.3440
James Chevalier, MD
The Rogosin Institute,
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
P: 212.746.4761
Frank Liu, MD
The Rogosin Institute,
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
P: 212.746.1556
Pantelis P. Pavlakis, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
P: 646.714.6139
Jai S. Perumal, MD
Weill Cornell Medical Center
P: 646.962.9800 Option: #3
Wing Kay Fok, MD, MS, FACOG
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.4900
Marc J. Dinkin, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.4297
Mrinali Patel Gupta, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.2020
Julia Kim, PhD
Hospital for Special Surgery
P: 646.714.6248
Robert Jeffrey Kaner, MD
Weill Cornell Medical Center
P: 646.962-2333
Xiaoping Amanda Wu, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.2333
Renal Pathology:
Surya V. Seshan, MB, BS
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 212.746.6455
Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility:
David Reichman, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.7499
Glenn L. Schattman, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.3836
Steven D. Spandorfer, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
P: 646.962.3638

Lupus and APS Center Staff

Department of Social Work Programs

Juliette Kleinman, LCSW ACSW - Senior Social Work Manager, Rheumatology

Juliette Kleinman, LCSW ACSW

Juliette Kleinman, LCSW ACSW is the Senior Social Work Manager, Rheumatology. She is responsible for the supervision and strategic direction of social work services in the Hospital’s Rheumatology Private and Ambulatory Care Center, including adult rheumatology social work and VOICES 60+ Senior Advocacy Program. Ms. Kleinman has a specialty in social work practice in gerontology and health disparities with many years of experience working in the community, private and non-profit sectors. Ms. Kleinman received her Master of Social Work degree from New York University Silver School of Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds memberships in the Academy of Certified Social Workers, National Association of Social Workers, National Society on Aging, and Society of Social Work Leadership in Healthcare. She was a past chair of, and held leadership positions in, the East Side Council on the Aging. Ms. Kleinman has presented the VOICES 60+ program model at local and national conferences.

Jillian Rose, PhD, MPH, LCSW - Director of Community Engagement, Diversity and Research

Jillian Rose, PhD, MPH, LCSW

Since August 2005, Ms. Rose has occupied a leadership position in managing rheumatology programs at HSS, with a focus on two national peer support and education programs for people with systemic lupus and their families. Ms. Rose and her team provide psychoeducation to patients and support for the medical team in several hospitals across New York City. She also coordinates outreach to diverse populations disproportionately affected by lupus to improve access and follow up to medical care. Ms. Rose collaborates with other health care organizations and government agencies to lead the implementation of innovative community programs that enhance health, access to care and self-efficacy for traditionally underserved communities. She provides ongoing leadership and support in race, ethnicity and language, as well as LGBT hospital-wide initiatives through the development of appropriate tools and evaluation processes, and collaboration with other department leadership. She participates in research and quality initiatives to identify and address any health disparities to insure the highest quality care for all patients.

Priscilla Toral, LCSW - Program Manager, LupusLine® and Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)®

Priscilla Toral, LCSW

Priscilla Toral, LCSW, is the Program Manager for LupusLine® and Charla de Lupus(Lupus Chat)® programs, national peer based support and education programs for people with lupus and their loved ones. She is responsible for the planning and operational oversight for program initiatives, training and supervision of program staff and volunteers, initial screening and psychosocial assessment and social work intervention with patients and their families. Ms. Toral also provides direct support as needed upon referral from Rheumatology adult and pediatric social workers, and other health team members regarding program services. Ms. Toral received a Master of Social Work degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work and has an extensive background working with the pediatric asthma population of East Harlem. Ms. Toral’s professional interests include psychosocial aspects of coping with chronic illness, patient education and advocacy.

Giselle Rodriguez, LCSW - Program Coordinator, Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)®

Giselle Rodriguez, LCSW

Giselle Rodriguez, LCSW is the Program Coordinator for the Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)® Program, a support and education program for people with lupus with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking communities. She coordinates all aspects of the program including the Teen, Young Adult and Parent Support Group, which takes place on a monthly basis. Ms. Rodriguez also provides support, education and resources to patients both in person at the HSS Pediatric and Rheumatology clinics and over the phone. Ms. Rodriguez received a Master of Social Work degree from Hunter Silberman School of Social Work. Ms. Rodriguez’s special interests include managing chronic illnesses, health care equality, patient-centered care and research.

Eliza Ngan-Dittgen - Senior Program Associate, LANtern® (Lupus Asian Network)

Eliza Ngan-Dittgen

Eliza Ngan-Dittgen, BA is the Senior Program Associate of LANtern® (Lupus Asian Network). LANtern® is the only national hospital-based bilingual support and education program dedicated to serving Asian Americans with lupus and their families. Eliza’s roles include providing direct patient support, developing community-based education programs for both patients and professionals, building collaboration capacity with community service providers, and conducting community outreach efforts. Eliza was a former Peer Health Educator of LANtern®.

Lupus and APS Clinical Research Coordinators and Assistants

Sophia Loo – Lupus & APS Registry and Repository Coordinator (Dr. Jane Salmon)
Marta Guerra – IMPACT & PROMISSE Project Coordinator (Dr. Jane Salmon)
Jeffrey Zhang-Sun  – Clinical Research Coordinator (Dr. Kyriakos Kirou & Dr. Mary Crow)
JoAnn Vega – Clinical Research Coordinator (Dr. Medha Barbhaiya, Dr. Doruk Erkan & Dr. Michael Lockshin)

Lupus and APS Articles and Education

The article links below are intended for those who have symptoms, have been diagnosed or have complications from lupus, lupus nephritis or APS. For professional health education, please see the Research & Professionals tab (on this page) and the HSS Education Institute.


Webinars and Recorded Events

Annual Events

  • Lupus Awareness Month - May
  • World Lupus Day - May 10
  • Walk to Cure Lupus - October

See all of our community events and classes.

Lupus and APS Support Programs

Having access to high quality medical care and resources for social, emotional, and other support can empower you to care for yourself and improve the quality of your life.  We offer the following resources and programs to patients and their families:

If you have any questions about our lupus and APS programs or are a new patient looking for care email us.

Lupus and APS Research

Scientists and clinicians at HSS are constantly working to advance understanding of the causes of disease and develop novel treatments for lupus and APS. In partnership with our patients, significant progress has been made.

Presentations (see our Webinars and Events tabs for more)

Our research efforts

You can also participate in our observational studies and clinical trials:

Patients have the right to stop participation in a research study at any time. If you would like to obtain more information or to see if you qualify for a study or trial, contact 1.877.SLE.CURE.

Professional Education

Grand Rounds: Management of Complex Cases: this publication profiles highly complicated cases at HSS in full detail with follow-up data and a discussion on clinical treatment.

Journal Articles and Publications: published articles on PubMed

HSS Professional Newsletters: Subscribe to Rheumlink, our professional rheumatology newsletter

Lupus Newsletter - Sign up

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LupusMinder® Mobile App

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The LupusMinder app was developed by HSS to track medications, daily symptoms and appointments. Visit hss.edu/lupusminder.

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