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HSS Global

We're all in this global crisis together, and at HSS, we are doing everything we can to serve our community. HSS Education Institute remains committed to you and all medical professionals around the world by providing online musculoskeletal learning available anytime, anywhere.

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Transforming Care through Innovation

As one of the leading musculoskeletal care providers in the world, Hospital for Special Surgery is bringing cutting edge knowledge, ideas and information to the global community.

HSS Global works with partners to elevate the standard of musculoskeletal care in their communities and beyond. Together we create cultures of excellence through knowledge transfer, education, and process improvement.

We align with like-minded care providers to improve patient outcomes and organizational performance. We aim to raise the level of orthopedic education and training, and improve access to high quality, trusted orthopedic care through providers affiliated with HSS.

Leading Together

HSS Global Member and Center of Excellence badges

We align the top orthopedic care providers from around the world to advance the provision of orthopedic care and the science of musculoskeletal health through the HSS Global Orthopedic Alliance. This network consists of Alliance Members and Centers of Excellence.

We recognize members that achieve elite levels of care delivery through designation as HSS Centers of Excellence. Institutions designated as HSS Centers of Excellence receive the strongest level of affiliation with Hospital for Special Surgery.

Hospital for Special Surgery has partnered with Hospital Alvorada in Brazil and Bumin Hospital Group (BHG) in South Korea in multi-year consulting agreements involving education, mentorship, and professional training in the field of musculoskeletal medicine.


A Premier Membership Network

We assess each organization seeking membership in the Alliance. Members have high-quality outcomes, are leaders in patient safety, and offer excellent patient experiences.

We review orthopedic service capabilities especially in the following areas:

  • Quality & Patient Safety
  • Perioperative Services
  • Nursing and Rehabilitation

Benefits of Membership

Core Components of Membership

  • Continual assessment and guidance on orthopedic care delivery
  • Leadership mentor program
  • Access to HSS Academic Visitor Program
  • Branding opportunities

Additional Membership Benefits


Reach a Higher Level

We assess organizations and help them improve performance across the spectrum of quality, patient satisfaction, and value. We tailor our recommendations based on our standards for patient-centered performance and country-specific context. These programs form the basis for sustainable relationships with participating organizations.

Build a Roadmap Together

We collaborate with you. We perform an on-site assessment to understand the clinical setting, your capabilities, and your people. We standardize the program to suit your organization as you advance. We also offer individual services on a standalone basis.

Selected Organizational Goals

  • Improve quality & safety to lower total cost of care
  • Create a subspecialized orthopedic service line
  • Develop a world-class orthopedic training program


We can harness a deep pool of subject matter experts to serve your organization's needs.

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Clinical & Operational
Improve effectiveness with targeted best practice

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Orthopedic Professions
Level up your clinical support teams' skills

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Educational Opportunities
Connect staff with cutting-edge knowledge

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Research Opportunities
Advance the field in partnership with HSS researchers


Photo of a physician shaking hands with a man in a suit, as a second doctor looks on.Grow Together

HSS Global Ventures offers two models for long-term collaboration:

Strategic Collaboration

  • Leadership: Shared governance over orthopedic service line; Oversight of clinical and administrative leadership; Recruitment of orthopedic surgeons of HSS caliber
  • Knowledge: Specific knowledge domains identified based on collaboration goals and transferred via shoulder-to-shoulder training, remote interactions, and documentation
  • Branding: Affiliate “tag line” branding
  • Economics: Shared economics to fully align incentives for efficient operations and growth

Operating Partnership

  • Leadership: HSS control of orthopedic service line with placement of clinical and administrative leadership; Recruitment of medical staff of HSS caliber; Implementation of HSS shared leadership model
  • Knowledge: Full replication of our world-leading clinical and operating model tailored to the specific goals of the partnership
  • Branding: Full brand access including HSS “top line” branded facility
  • Economics: Shared economics to fully align incentives for efficient operations and growth

At HSS, we are committed to globally sharing our expertise in musculoskeletal health. Our goal is to advance orthopedic care by bringing together international thought leaders to collaborate and advance best practices. Working together, we identify gaps in knowledge and then develop programs for health care professionals and institutions with limited opportunities. These exchanges offer exceptional learning experiences that improve training and enhance skill building.

Our collaborations seek to broaden alliances with domestic and international organizations. If you, your organization or foundation are interested in learning more about customized professional education programs, please contact globalpartnerships@hss.edu.

Current Programs

The American Austrian Foundation
International Society of Orthopaedic Centers, Ltd. (ISOC)

As part of its mission to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal care and improve the quality of life for all, HSS facilitates best practice knowledge transfers and partnerships for the international musculoskeletal medicine community. Partnerships and initiatives may be academic, clinical, research-based, administrative or a combination of focus areas.

Our partners interact with HSS to expand knowledge and learn updated treatment techniques in order to improve patient care and outcomes. Knowledge exchange takes place through interaction abroad as well as at our institution. At HSS we offer didactic symposia, regularly scheduled CME-accredited Grand Rounds, live-feed telecast surgery, and cadaver workshops in the Bioskills Education Laboratory.

HSS pursues relationships that have a similar mission and vision dedicated to high quality patient care, academic excellence, and cutting-edge research. To discuss potential partnerships and/or best practice knowledge transfer projects, contact globalpartnerships@hss.edu.

Current Programs

HSS-China Orthopaedic Education Exchange
HSS Stavros Niarchos Foundation Orthopaedic Education Program

Contact us for more information about HSS Global opportunities.