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The Knee Society Insall Traveling Fellowship

John N. Insall, MD, was a fellow at Hospital for Special Surgery in 1961, became chief of the HSS Knee Service in 1969, and served as a founding member of The Knee Society in 1983 and president in 1987. A gifted teacher, he served as a mentor to Steven Haas, MD, current chief of the Knee Service and holder of the John N. Insall Chair. Dr. Insall's legendary contributions to knee surgery were rooted in an academic pursuit of excellence in clinical research and patient care. His research endeavors encompassed biomechanics, surgical techniques, and vigilant post-operative clinical follow-up. Inherent in his life’s work was the importance of educating knee surgeons worldwide.

In recognition of Dr. Insall's contributions and a desire to perpetuate his legacy, The Knee Society — with the support of the Insall Foundation — has endorsed the Insall Traveling Fellowship. Since 2002, a group of four international surgeons have traveled around North America for one month to various Knee Society member programs. This fellowship continues to foster education and research, with a sharing of ideas, techniques, and camaraderie between traveling fellows and Knee Society members.


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