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Performance and Wellness

Performance and Wellness services from the #1 hospital in orthopedics

HSS Performance and Wellness incorporates specialists to discuss your goals, provide targeted assessments and develop personalized solutions – no matter your orthopedic condition, sport, exercise, or wellness goal. We are here for you!

Our unrivaled program blends science and experience to identify the best and safest path to success. Both virtual and in-person services are available.

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is a healthcare professional who has an academic degree in exercise physiology from an accredited college or university and is certified by an accredited organization. The exercise physiology practice involves four areas: promoting health and wellness, preventing illness and disability, restoring health, helping athletes reach their potential in sports training and performance.

What is a Board Certified Sports Registered Dietitian?

Sports Dietitians are experienced registered dietitians who apply evidence based nutrition knowledge in exercise and sport. They assess, educate, and counsel athletes and active individuals. They design, implement, and manage safe and effective nutrition strategies that enhance lifelong health, fitness, and optimal performance.

How do Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists work together at HSS?

Our exercise physiologists and physical therapists work closely together to provide a bridge between rehabilitative care and getting back to what you love to do.

What is a Massage Therapist?

Our massage therapists use manual manipulation of muscle and soft tissue for clinical and therapeutic application.

What is a Pilates Instructor?

Our Certified Pilates instructor works specifically with the rehabilitation population to increase core strength, increase flexibility, and improve posture.

New York - Manhattan Main Campus

Tisch Sports Performance Center
525 East 71st Street, Ground Floor

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center
535 East 70th Street, 2nd Floor

New York - Manhattan

HSS Midtown Rehabilitation and Performance
770 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor

HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance – West Side
610 West 58th Street

New York - Westchester

HSS Westchester Sports Performance
1133 Westchester Avenue

Virtual Services Available for Training, Nutrition, Ergonomics.

Connect to our experts. sportsperformance@hss.edu

Exercise Physiologists



One on One Training (in-person or virtual)

  • Fitness Assessment (required for new clients): $204
  • 30 minute session: $105 
  • 60 minute session: $165
  • Session Packages*

10 Pack - 30 Minute Time Blocks: $945
20 Pack - 30 Minute Time Blocks: $1,485

  • Starter Training Package: $270
*can be used for both 30 or 60 minute sessions

Metabolic Testing 

  • Resting Metabolic Rate: $141 
  • VO2 Max: $214 
  • Lactate Profile: $214 
  • Caloric Expenditure Profile: $215 
  • Metabolic Basic (VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold): $351 
  • Metabolic Advanced (VO2 Max, Lactate, & Efficiency): $421

Massage Therapy

  • 30 min Session: $100 
  • 60 min Session: $160 
  • 10 Session Package (60 min/session):  $1,440 
  • MELT: $115


  • Initial Session (New Client): $165 
  • Single Session: $137 
  • 10 Session Package: $1,233 

Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

  • Ergonomic Assessment: $149 

Performance Nutrition

  • Initial Appointment:  $272
  • Follow up 30 min:  $136
  • 6 Pack - $734 

For more information about the Performance and Wellness services available at HSS Rehabilitation and Performance, please contact us at sportsperformance@hss.edu or 646.797.8005

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