Department of Biomechanics

Implant Retrieval

HSS currently has the largest implant retrieval program, containing over 20,000 retrieved implants. Since its start in 1977, the retrieval system had provided a means to evaluate the performance of orthopedic implants by advancing our understanding of the wear and damage seen on retrieved total joint replacements and the underlying mechanisms that are responsible for the in vivo damage. With the large number of retrievals, we can evaluate the effect of implant design changes as well as work with clinicians to answer research questions that revolve around implant performance.

Current Projects:

• Wear Characteristics of the Mobile Bearing ADM/MDM Hip Implant

• Comparative Polyethylene Insert Retrieval Analysis of Mobile vs. Fixed-Bearing Total Knee Arthroplasty

• Retrieval Analysis reveals damage modes for Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacement and Resurfacing

• Quantification of Bone Ingrowth on Trabecular Metal Acetabular Cups

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