Ultrasound of the Month Cases

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Ultrasound of the Month Case 73

Case 73: 38 year-old man with chronic left posterior lateral ankle pain and snapping sensation.

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Ultrasound of the Month Case 72

Case 72: 50-year-old female with slowly-growing palpable mass along the antecubital fossa of the elbow.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 71

Case 71: 26-year-old female ballet dancer with left posterior ankle pain and difficulty dancing en pointe.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 70

Case 70: 35-year-old woman with laceration injury to the volar wrist and paresthesias with palpation of the laceration.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 69

Case 69: 53-year-old male with hyperflexion injury to the knee 6 days prior.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 68

Case 68: 35-year-old male with painful swelling over the anterior shin during exercise, noticed several months prior.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 67

Case 67: 42 year-old woman with numbness in the left fourth and fifth fingers.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 65

Case 66: 14 year-old girl with history of hard palpable mass along the anterior thigh, which was first noticed several months prior.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 65

Case 65: 39 year old female with inability to flex either the proximal or distal interphalangeal joints of the left pinky after finger laceration with a glass.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 64

Case 64: 30-year-old woman with pain in the right middle and ring fingers following rock climbing injury.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 63

Case 63: 39-year-old man with history of prior ORIF of tibial fracture and multiple subsequent surgeries including fasciotomy.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 62

Case 62: 20-year-old female with pain and crepitus over the medial aspect of the ankle upon movement of the great toe.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 61

Case 61: 6-year-old girl with right hip pain and inability to bear weight.

Ultrasound of the Month Case 60

Case 60: 45-year-old female with pain in the fingertip of the middle finger.

Ultrasound of the month Case 59

Case 59: 38-year-old man presented with left thumb pain and swelling following an injury 10 days prior.

Ultrasound of the month Case 58

Case 58: 38-year-old female with pain and palpable lump over the plantar aspect of the hindfoot.

Case 57: 63-year-old male with knee stiffness and pain after knee replacement 3 weeks prior.

Case 56: 28-year-old man with right leg fractures following a car accident, treated with tibiofibular ORIF.

Case 55: 3-day-old newborn with bruising of the right shoulder after difficult vaginal delivery

Case 54: 37-year-old female with gradual onset of dorsal and radial wrist pain.

43 year-old carpenter with a complaint of anterior knee soft tissue swelling and mild redness.

Case 53: 43-year-old carpenter with a complaint of anterior knee soft tissue swelling and mild redness.

Case 52: 46-year-old female presents with sudden onset of midfoot pain.

Case 51: 41 year old male with ankle pain and fullness. The patient had an MRI of the ankle that disclosed a medial soft tissue mass.

Case 50: 42 year old male with 1 month history of anterior elbow pain.

Case 49: 60 year old male presents with a firm palpable nodule of the anterolateral leg, which was first noted 3 weeks earlier.

Case 48: 32 year-old female sustained a puncture wound at the plantar aspect of the forefoot while running on the beach.
Case 47: 35-year-old male sustained fall with pain at the anterior chest wall.
Case 46: 37-year-old female with history of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in 2003 with surgical reconstruction followed by re-tear in 2005 with repeat reconstruction.
Case 45: 43 year old male presents with thumb pain following injury.
Case 44: 84 year old female with new onset of temporal region headaches.
Case 43: 59-year-old male sustained an ankle injury while playing tennis.
Case 42: 29 year old male who sustained a twisting injury and predominant inversion of the ankle while playing basketball 1 week earlier.
Case 41: 52 year old male fell down stairs and felt a "popping sensation" anterior to the knee joint.
Case 40: 26 year old male presents with a painless but enlarging mass at the dorsum of the hand.
Case 39: 62-year-old female presents with a slowly-enlarging mass at the medial aspect of the right foot.
Case 38: 35-year-old male with a history of severe motor vehicle related trauma resulting in amputation with left hip disarticulation 3 years earlier.
Case 37: 33-year-old female patient with prior thumb laceration from broken glass.
Case 36: 47-year-old female with 2-year history of intermittent right hip pain now with symptoms referable to the right sciatic nerve.
Case 35: 28-year-old male professional athlete sustained a left calf injury 3 weeks earlier (no imaging obtained at that time).
Case 34: 32-year-old female professional dancer presents with ankle discomfort greatest with flexion of the great toe.
Case 33: 10-year-old female presents with gradual onset of left knee pain.
Case 32: 72-year-old female presents with gradual onset of right lateral hip pain.
Case 31: 82-year-old male presents with a palpable mass at the medial aspect of the upper left arm.
Case 30: 1-month-old infant presents to his pediatrician with a palpable neck mass and torticollis.
Case 29: 45-year-old male with left anterolateral thigh numbness and tingling with intermittent burning sensation.
Case 28: 65-year-old female with skiing injury 2 years ago and gradual development of right buttock and posterior thigh pain. Hip radiographs were obtained and following interpretation ultrasound was requested.
Case 27: 64-year-old female presented to outside emergency room with new onset of painful swelling of the left elbow.
Case 26: 47-year-old male presents with medial ankle and foot pain and weakness with intermittent burning sensations
Case 25: 55-year-old male presents with posterolateral knee pain while exercising
Case 24: 53-year-old male presents with shoulder pain and upper extremity weakness, greatest with external rotation
Case 23: 21-year-old college athlete with sudden onset of infrapatellar knee pain while playing basketball
Case 22: 36-year-old male with known osteochondral lesion of the medial talar dome, presenting with slow onset of lateral ankle pain and palpable fullness
Case 21: 57-year-old female presents with 6 months of right shoulder pain and limited mobility
Case 20: 46-year-old female with history of chronic left hip labral tear and new development of left femoral nerve symptoms
Case 19: 52 year old female with focal pain superior and lateral to the right hip joint, limiting hip flexion
Case 18: 55-year-old female with a slowly enlarging mass at the lateral aspect of the right foot
Case 17: Swelling over anterior aspect of knee in a 62 year old female
Case 16: A 28-year-old pregnant female with history of abnormality of the distal radius
Case 15: An 11-year old soccer player with knee pain
Case 14: A professinal tennis player with an onset of right-sided abdominal wall pain
Case 13: 24-year-old professional dancer with acute onset of lateral ankle pain
Case 12: 4-year-old child with painful tip of the ring finger and normal radiographs.
Case 11: 54-year-old female with lateral elbow pain.
Case 10: 48-year-old female who goes to the gym 5 days a week experiencing right hip pain
Case 9: 73 y/o female s/p ORIF for and radial/ulnar fracture. New onset of ulnar neuropathy.
Case 8: 62 y/o male with right lateral thigh numbness (neuralgia paresthetica)
Case 7: 21 y/o female status post hip surgery for labral tear with persistent groin pain sent to ultrasound to assess for iliopsoas pathology. Outside MR read as unremarkable
Case 6: 10-year-old active male with localized swelling over the left tibia sent to ultrasound to evaluate for possible cyst
Case 5: 75-year-old male complaining of wrist pain radiating up the forearm
Case 4: 37 y/o male with left shoulder pain
Case 3: 54 y/o male with lateral ankle pain and swelling
Case 2: 95 y/o male with a pacemaker and history of chronic renal insufficiency with left leg pain and swelling
Case 1: 67-year-old man with bilateral hand and wrist pain and swelling sent to ultrasound for diagnostic evaluation and aspiration