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Limb Lengthening Patient Stories

Photo of Jennifer B.
Jennifer's Story
I was born with severe knock-knees and pronated feet (valgus deformities). I walked awkwardly and always with pain. I went to doctors, but they were never able to help me. The only thing they had to say was that I would "just have to learn to live with it." But then in 2012, at age 24, I met Dr. Rozbruch and everything changed.
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Photo of Don D.
Don's Story
In 2011, I was competing in a triathlon in Hawaii when I had a bike accident that shattered my femur. The surgeon in Hawaii did a great initial job but the femur did not heal properly and I lost about an inch of my left leg. Triathlon training, competition, and production is a large part of my life. I was lucky have been referred to Dr. Rozbruch.
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Photo of Dov G.
Dov's Story
I had an osteotomy at HSS in April of 2011, and had my Taylor Spacial Frame removed at the beginning of August 2011. During this period Dr. Rozbruch and his wonderful team at the LLCR service corrected my right tibia by 30 degrees and it now is completely straight! I currently feel great, and recently ran a marathon in 3:15, and a half marathon in 1:25 (both personal records for me). I am incredibly grateful to Dr Rozbruch and his team at LLCR Service for doing an amazing job. He did what others said was not possible or too risky and changed my life.
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Photo of Dr. Benowitz skiing
Jeffrey's Story
After a mountaineering accident 10 years ago that occurred 100 miles east of his home in Fairbanks, Alaska, Jeffrey Benowitz, PhD, was told to quit his job, fid a new life, and learn to be happy without being able to walk again. For Dr. Benowitz, who skis to work as a rock climbing instructor and geochronologist at the University of Alaska, this was a diagnosis he was unwilling to accept.
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Photo of Celine R.
Celine's Story
On January 29, 2012, I was with a friend riding in a beach car. Being in the passenger seat wasn’t much of an advantage, because minutes later the little car that seemed harmless was over my right leg. I remember how I didn't even feel the tears running down my face. It was a sudden shock. When the car was lifted up, I felt like somebody had ripped off my right leg from the knee down. I couldn't even breathe right. When they picked me up, I saw my jingly leg, as if I had 3 more knees. I was taken to the smallest hospital in the little town we were in, miles and miles away from the city. The ride seems like a dream today.
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Photo of Peter B.
Peter's Story
In February 2011, I shattered my right lower tibia and snapped by fibula when an ice dagger collapsed with me on it as I was ice-climbing. A good friend, an orthopedic surgeon by the name of John Mullen, put me in touch with Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch at HSS because of the severity of my injury.
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Photo of Erin M.
Erin's Story
I broke my leg at a Patriots game on black ice in 2004. When I went in for the initial surgery, they thought the best option for me was to rod my tibia. After 9 months of continued pain, I went for a second opinion. I was told that I had a non-union tibia fracture that could be easily fixed by removing the initial rod and replacing it with a new rod, to stimulate the healing process. But 2 years out, I continued to have constant pain and found myself on and off crutches. During this time, I had two small babies and life became very difficult. I went to seek a third opinion from one of the top doctors in Boston. He said there was some healing at the fracture site and that I should not rush to have another major surgery.
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Photo of Emmanuel T.
Emmanuel's Story
My story cuts across from the continent of Africa to the great city of New York, USA. Growing up in Ghana, I came to realize how my congenital disorder of one arm longer than the other affected my self-esteem and interaction with other children of my age. However, in coming to the USA and particularly New York, I was determined to find a solution to this disorder. If anything can happen, it must be here in New York. Luckily enough, after about twenty years in the city, my friend mentioned that his wife has had a procedure done by Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch. I didn't hesitate to make an appointment to see him.
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Photo of Julie walking her dogs.
Julie's Story
My story really began 23 years ago when I tripped on a rock in a parking lot. Who knew that such a simple mishap could lead to where I am today? My fall was caused by a giant cell tumor in my right ankle that had fractured the joint. This led to surgery to remove the tumor and a graft taken from my hip to “rebuild the ankle.” Two surgeries followed by several months of recovery, I was back on my feet, with limitations and with the knowledge that “someday,” I might need to have a fusion if the ankle joint deteriorated and caused too much pain.
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Photo of Shayna
Shayna's Story

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Profile photo of Josh deadlifting weights
Josh's Story
I have been bowlegged since going through a growth spurt during my middle school years. It never really negatively impacted my life. I wasn't self conscious about my legs and I suffered no ill effects physically. I was able to run and play sports with the best. However, in 2007 I turned 30 years old and while playing a soccer match suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee. It was the first ever injury I had suffered to my knees. I underwent a meniscectomy and went back to normal activities. In 2008, I began noticing significant pain on the inside of my knees while running. I still had plenty left in life that I wanted to do that required me to be in peak physical condition and I wasn't willing to give up on those dreams because of knee pain. I began to look for solutions.
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Photo of Colleen with Dr. Rozbruch
Colleen's Story

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Photo of Nancy rockclimbing
Nancy's Story

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Profile photo of Bobby
Bobby's Story

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Profile photo of John with his parents
John's Story

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Profile photo of Suzanne
Suzanne's Story

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Profile photo of Ann B.
Ann's Story
You and your wonderful staff have in 18 months transformed my wife Ann from immobile, nearly incapacitated and likely heading for life in a wheelchair; to the super active person she really has been throughout our marriage.
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Photo of Denise fishing
Denise's Story

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Profile photo of Jocelyne
Jocelyne's Story

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Profile photo of Ingrid
Ingrid's Story

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Profile photo of Chad and family
Chad's Story

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Lansana's Story

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