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Patient Stories - Dov G.

Dov G., Englewood, NJ – osteotomy, tibial torsion correction

Throughout my life I have loved sports and outdoor recreation, especially running. Unfortunately, by 2003, when I was only 25, my right knee was in a lot of pain after each run. After seeing a number of doctors, they all said I had a torn meniscus and that I needed surgery. Post-surgery and rehab, I slowly started taking up running again and competed in multiple races including the NYC marathon in 2010. However, my right knee always hurt and over the years I saw many of what were, supposedly, the best orthopedic surgeons in NYC. They all said the same thing - stop running and swim or take up cycling, do more physical therapy, or have more knee surgery - all bad choices from my perspective.

Finally, after years of pain, a wonderful orthopedic surgeon in NY did a physical examination of me and said the underlying problem was that I had a significant tibial torsion, and the only solution was to correct the torsion or stop running altogether because it was destroying my knee. At least I finally had a correct diagnosis.

I spent the next year researching tibial torsion correction and speaking to the small number of doctors in the US that perform this operation regularly. I was very fortunate to discover the Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service operated by Dr. Rozbruch in NYC.

Upon meeting Dr. Rozbruch, he took a significant amount of time to physically examine me, listen to my story, as well as study my MRI's etc. He explained how he would fix my tibial torsion with a surgery called an osteotomy and put a Taylor Spacial Frame external fixation device on my leg. Over a 1 month period, I would then turn my leg 1 degree each day until it was straight. He reviewed in detail exactly how long the entire process would take and when I could expect to be active again. He then answered my follow-up questions regarding the surgery in a timely manner, treating me with respect and understanding. He even agreed to meet me a few more times in his office to reassure me regarding my fears of the surgery.

I had an osteotomy at HSS in April of 2011, and had my Taylor Spacial Frame removed at the beginning of August 2011. During this period Dr. Rozbruch and his wonderful team at the LLCR service corrected my right tibia by 30 degrees and it now is completely straight! I was running again (slowly) by January 2012. I currently feel great, and recently ran a marathon in 3:15, and a half marathon in 1:25 (both personal records for me). I am incredibly grateful to Dr Rozbruch and his team at LLCR Service for doing an amazing job. He did what others said was not possible or too risky and changed my life. I only wish I had met him earlier and had this surgery when I was 18 years old instead of 32.

Additionally, the physical therapy team at the HSS rehab center did a great job getting me back on my feet and active again in only a few months.

I am telling this story after seeing and experiencing the incredible work that Dr. Rozbruch has done to better peoples’ lives when conventional medical advice is to say, “stop running,” or, “there is nothing we can do,” or “have more needless knee surgery”. I hope that others with limb discrepancies and other similar issues can be healed by Dr. Rozbruch's fine work.